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Pure Flow

Created by Sparkour

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Map Info

Three levels, you can do the levels in any order you'd like. There are no rules or instructions, just go with the flow.

Map Trailer

There is one quad in the entire map (a four block jump), and if you simply cannot make the jump: don't sweat it!

Fly right on past it. Keep in mind that going with the flow will help you better understand the mechanics of the map itself.

There are special colors in the map that signify different things.

The map is singleplayer, if you play with friends it may glitch. Have fun while playing.

Map Details

Creator: Sparkour
(392 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 444.83 KB
Added: 2017-11-25
Downloads: 3,863
Category: Parkour Maps


0 jimmy1212 OMG, this is the best parkour map ever i just want to send you money. But honestly this is a great map cause i"m bad at parkour and the parkour maps i play are just quad jumps your such a heartfull person for the noobs out there

2017-12-09 00:57

+3 Sparkour Quoting wow is bad:
i don't like it because i start in the wrong spot and i type all the fly camands and they all don't work

I see... I too tried using the "fly camands" and they did not work. Plz fix.

2017-12-03 18:24

+2 NICO_THE_PRO Hey I played your map it was a ton of fun :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOhu57SxfJU&feature=youtu.be

2017-12-03 18:17

0 MCDeathStar Dude I saw Crainer play this, let me just say, this is the most coolest, clever, and smartest map ever. It's a puzzle that's easy in a way that tricks you. Good Job!

2017-11-30 00:51

0 Skytiger I haven't finished, but this is a lovely map. Very enjoyable. The one thing is that I have no idea where to go and I find that the teleporting glitches a bit. But well done for making this map :)

2017-11-29 08:20

+2 supertowa Pretty great!!

2017-11-28 14:25

0 Jakob This was actually one of the most pleasing parkour maps I've played.
The no-instructions -no-nothing way of doing things really works, you just gotta get the hang of it as the player.
I was a bit confused at the start, though: I spawned in some kind of parkour. Later I worked out that it was the level selector lobby.
Also there were two more things: First of, please put a 'true' in the end of your saturation effect commands, it will get rid of the bubbles.
Another thing is that if you fail the end/credits-ish parkour, you spawn in the last real level that you've been playing on.
But either way, these things are small, and this map is still a definite 5/5.

2017-11-28 05:43

-2 wow is bad i don't like it because i start in the wrong spot and i type all the fly camands and they all don't work

2017-11-27 23:49

-1 Good This was a good and fun parkour map, but very confusing.
I don't know what I did to complete the map, but it was good

2017-11-26 17:13


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