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Parkour Paradise 2

Created by Hielke external

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Map Info

Parkour Paradise is back!

In Parkour Paradise 2 there are 100 new and fun levels to beat!

Parkour Paradise 2 is one of the biggest parkour map EVER, including:

  • 100 fresh, new levels to beat!
  • An amazing looking spawn.
  • Increasing difficulty.
  • A timer to keep track of your time.
  • Achievements.
  • Beautiful surroundings.
  • A practise parkour at spawn.
  • Much fun.

This map is Multiplayer friendly and works fully automatic! You don't have to do any commands yourself.

Everything is easy, simple and self-explaining.

Level size increased from 10x10 blocks in Parkour Paradise 1 to 15x15 blocks in Parkour Paradise 2, what basically means that there is more parkour for you to enjoy!

Together we can make Parkour Paradise 2 into one of the best Minecraft parkour maps of all time!

Have fun!



If you found any bugs or if you have problems, please contact me on Twitter (@Hielke_Official) or email me ([email protected]), And I'll fix it as soon as possible!


Map Details

Creator: Hielke external
(402 votes)
Version: 2.0.2
MC Version: 1.18.1
Size: 26.3 MB
Added: 2016-03-22
Downloads: 102,464
Category: Parkour Maps

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Xiaolou.666 double click w button not working

2021-12-16 09:18

Aurelien Soral The dude who got the idea of put a sign in level 4, the same sign who killed me after few minutes of tryhard, I swear I will find you and give you some money because it was a bit fun, just a bit.

2020-08-08 21:15

Bunni uh I may be stupid but I cant figure out a way to finish the map. After getting to the top of the tower I fly through the waterfall then to the lava which teleported me ontop of the wall bordering 2 levels, I couldnt figure out where to go from any of the levels

2020-05-30 23:43

Mom This map is bad. I flyng in the lava whit the elyptra and dont teleport me

2020-05-22 20:42

thomas i am probably missing something, but i am in the starting hub and don't know where to go i can't find this portal this or its not working. can you give me the concatenates for where to go please. my brother and i would like to play it.

2019-12-20 11:36

ACerco_28 This map was great! Had to unfortunately cheat at the tower because I fell right down to the bottom. There should definitely be checkpoints in the tower, I think it's unfair going from level to level then you have to complete a massive tower with no checkpoints

2019-07-31 11:15

Gamerz Quoting Jaybrainer:
When I loaded up the world, i spawned near 0 114 0

I like it a lot. Lots of lags.

2019-03-07 15:32

Lenjoy this isnt good. the redstone level is near impossible, in some levels i failed,and it isnt have any way to retry (inc. ladder), and if i was dead, and respawned, i spawned in lobby. this could have better command block using, and more helpful :/

2018-11-06 19:30

dinozaur2009 Trailer super!
Your maps so big Hielke

2018-02-25 09:34

Anon this map sucks. half the levels seem impossible and it really turns me away from trying parkour paradise 3 or any other maps made by this creator

2018-02-18 15:57

Anon This map is not good. the redstone level is near impossible unless you have a second person with you, the blocks retract way too fast

2018-02-18 15:43

Jaybrainer When I loaded up the world, i spawned near 0 114 0

2018-02-17 02:34

FADIL MURAD do the /kill command,and type /gamemode 2. i did it befroe.

2018-02-05 14:54

HEY The world is completely blank, WHAT DO I DO!?!?!?!!?!?

2017-12-05 01:08

HEY I spawn in a completely blank world. I have tried loading completely new maps in bot verson 1.12.2 and 1.9 and the same issue persists. Please fix this the third map was amazing. Also i suspect u loaded ur map in 1.12.2 and then uploaded it for some reason

2017-12-03 04:10

svekkie What are the coordinates of the parcour? I spawn in the hub but the teleportation doesn't work for me...

2017-10-28 20:40

Nameless On level 55 56 and 57 i looked around for half an hour and couldn't figure out what to do, i found that somehow i had to get up to the islands in the sky bug couldn't figure out how. if anyone has figured it out please let me know.

2017-10-08 20:34

Wolfiness I died from fall damage, and now restart all over!

2017-08-10 20:14

LisaliaPlayingMC I have 3 words; You are AWESOME!

2017-07-23 13:44

cmdpro wont let me play have redownloaded but keeps saying it is for 1.12
idk why i guess ill try putting it in 1.12

2017-06-14 19:37

Mkill14 Hey all im doing a series with friends on this map in this playlist of mine:
PS i also finished parkour paradise 3

2017-02-13 10:35

superman011 Quoting DropZz_:
Ummm where do i go? I didnt spawn in hub, i spawned on top of all the levels in creative

do the /kill command, and type /gamemode 2. i did it before.

2016-04-02 22:24

DropZz_ Ummm where do i go? I didnt spawn in hub, i spawned on top of all the levels in creative

2016-03-29 23:10

JAGzThePro i cant find the spawn i was spawned above the parkour

2016-03-29 19:19

Nyan The Lag got me everytime but cool map


2016-03-28 08:13

Nameless I'm stuck in a level . Tehre was a pressure plate I activated it and fell down to lava. What am I suppose to do there ?

2016-03-26 11:11

Hielke Update: The lava should now tp you up in the clouds.
For people that the end didn't work: Please redownload the map

2016-03-26 09:48

Falconhero What are the coords for the starting hub? I spawned in the middle of nowhere

2016-03-26 06:37

TheMapReviewer Where do you go? From the hub? I'm confused

2016-03-25 11:07

Hielke Quoting JohnTehGreek:
Maybe im stupid...But where the hell do i have to go?
Im in the starting hub...

I'm sorry for that. You have to walk in the direction of the big letters and you'll equip an elytra. Then fly to the portal and the game starts.

2016-03-25 10:10

Gamenada Made a video on it :) Really cool map!

2016-03-24 17:46

Hielke Update: shulker added to the end level. It dissapeared and people couldn't complete the level. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

2016-03-24 14:53

5uperTrinity Absolutely amazing, good job!

2016-03-24 11:11

JohnTehGreek Maybe im stupid...But where the hell do i have to go?
Im in the starting hub...

2016-03-23 22:00

Simon NO WAY ! I am so pumped for playing this, i played the first parkour paradise, and it was the best parkour map i've ever played.
THX For making this :D !

2016-03-23 16:14

Nelly OMG I love this map!
Best map ever!
Thank you so much for this, I have been practicing parkour on this map and I'm sure I've become a parkour master!

2016-03-23 09:28

Hielke Made a tiny update: Some people glitched through the barrier blocks when teleported to the levels.
It shouldn't happen anymore now!

2016-03-23 07:56


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