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Parkour Everything!

Created by xDudi's Team

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Everything Parkour! (inspired by parkour paradise)


Here is my first parkour map which we made with 6 people together with ttracker, DejVu_, PRZWMO, Zajchoo, Wicztorek.

The map contains 100 levels.

The concept of 100 levels is based on the popular Parkour Paradise map.

You can play singleplayer or multiplayer on the map.

Have a nice game!


Map Details

Creator: xDudi's Team
(1724 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.16.5
Size: 14.8 MB
Added: 2021-04-20
Downloads: 118,872
Category: Parkour Maps


-2 BlueKayn Very unpolished, doesn't even provide regen and saturation. Not a good map

2021-08-09 16:54

+5 Dubinek4Ez Level 2 is impossible!

2021-07-15 20:11

-1 Henrystickpro Its a good map, but... I hate it. I hate it with all my might. I hate it so much

2021-07-08 17:50

0 MapMan Map is bad. The levels themselves look kinda nice but it the lack of play testing are hard to get past. Levels are too random and there is no clear path to be taken.

2021-06-26 15:47

+3 Pr0pelled This map is overall very good. Near the end, it seems like the map wasn't playtested. Level 67 has an impossible jump (as many others have said), as well, level 71 is broken in a few ways. Firstly, that level does not include a command block that sets the players scoreboard stats. It also doesn't have a "start". From what I could tell there was no way to complete that level whatsoever.

2021-06-22 18:33

-9 Abdul PRo IT IS Easy make more hard This Parkour map because I M God in parkour maps

2021-06-02 10:38

+3 someone is level 67 impossible or what?
i think im gonna do it ....

2021-05-29 09:13

+3 scriptmunkee I loaded your really awesome map into a multiplayer instance and one of my plays said they were teleported back to level 1 when a new player joined. I'll keep an eye on player interactions, but wanted to mention it.

2021-05-25 06:03

+3 Critic hielkemaps ripoff

2021-05-17 19:35

-1 Marius3004 this map sucks it's the hardest parkour map in the world I've been struggling for 3 hours with my friend to finish it, we're level 8 and we're already going crazy

2021-05-15 19:14

+2 bartmeu Was this suposed to be played in peaceful and with no firespread? Because there are a heck ton of blazes in my lvl39 and they burned half of the map

2021-05-11 16:51

+2 samsung Quoting The Dude:
How do I get this to work on multiplayer?


2021-05-09 17:24

+2 Dunk Level 1 is impossible, can anyone help me on what to do?

2021-05-08 15:36

+1 Gaggles Overall comes off as a sloppy map. Invisible walls galore. No automatic hunger-refill. A seemingly random difficulty scale (see lvl 67, for example). And just not very aesthetically pleasing.

2021-05-07 02:50

+17 luis nerf lvl 67

2021-05-04 16:02

+9 oculus nice!

2021-05-04 11:47

+9 DiliTVOfficial I think on 67 is missing something bcs there is jump 4 blocks far and 1 block up

2021-05-03 16:05

+7 Fan that impossible or insane level

2021-05-03 04:43

+8 wow HOW TO DO LEVEL 4

2021-05-01 11:24

-1 name Quoting TheFoxOverlord:
Level 67 is impossible...

I will defeat this game proving you wrong

2021-04-30 23:03

+5 ASAP Kush how am i supposed to pass the level 67 it seems impossible

2021-04-30 22:18

+2 elevator music make lvl 67 easier :/

2021-04-30 18:03

+4 GLUPY ima try to beat 67 but i mean i kind of stink at parkour so if you don't hear back from me, you will know why.

2021-04-28 14:38

-4 xDudi You can skip 67 im sorry our oversight

2021-04-26 08:33

+10 The Dude How do I get this to work on multiplayer?

2021-04-26 00:16

+2 Krajec If you want to get frustrated by jumping into an invisible wall, this map is for you.

2021-04-25 18:23

+3 Eggy I can't even beat the first level, but I know it's possible.

2021-04-24 17:44

+4 kevin_king hi thise is the best map ever i thinck i want to play it 3 more times

2021-04-24 05:18

+26 TheFoxOverlord Level 67 is impossible...

2021-04-22 20:47

+13 Fec_en How the hell am I supposed to break stage 67?

2021-04-22 14:09


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