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Created by Pmk

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Map Trailer

Map Info:
Park-Hour is a parkour map that will test your abilities to the fullest: each jump will challenge you and you will need to use all your skills to succeed. Only the best at parkour will have easy life. But also the newbies can play the map: they can use lots of helpful tools that will make the experience a lot less difficult and frustrating. For this reason, every one can play it at their own pace.


  • A special checkpoints system that teleports you to your last save point any time you fail without killing you.
  • A special custom checkpoint system that lets the newbies creating their own checkpoints.
  • Vanilla launch pads that lets you reach the starts of the courses.
  • Invisible magic paths that leads your way in the void.
  • Seamless checkpoints harmoniously hidden in the environment.
  • Three different types of Parkour that will test all your abilities.
  • Advance technologies that provide a better automatic environment.
  • Three hidden items that unlocks the true ending.
  • Hints and ender pearls to help newbies completing the map.
  • A secret room with trivia about the map.

The Three Courses
The map has three different types of Parkour. Each one will require different abilities and will test all your skills.

Puzzle Parkour - In this course, you will find jumps that aren't obvious: the difficult is to find where to jump and how to jump. You have to think before jumping, you have to observe the structures and you have to plan your actions. Also, this parkour course features seamless checkpoints: these checkpoints are part of the structures and you have to unlock them, standing in the right spot: another puzzle feature that needs your brain!

Timed Parkour - In this course, the jumps are easier, but you have a limited time to perform them: you will have to find the best way to reach the next checkpoint before the time runs out. You will have a speed boost and different kinds of platforms, so you will need to adapt to every section without stop running.

Redstone Parkour - In this course, you will have to face jumps where redstone makes the difference between possible and impossible: you will have to press buttons with the right timing and precision, while firing pistons and opening trapdoors. Each jump will be a feat, requiring the right timing, precision and promptness.

In the Parkour University you will be able to study the techniques and the blocks you will need to face in order to become the best at parkour. Divided in five sections, you will find books explaining strategies and properties you will need in the other courses, while trial jumps will give you a way to practice what you learned. It can be incredibly useful, be sure to check it out before starting any other course. 

The Final Struggle
The real end isn't simple to reach. Search the three items, complete the task and face your final struggle. It won't be easy; you will feel lost, alone, useless. Only the best can hope to reach the real end.

Preferred Video Settings

  • Moody brightness.
  • 8 chunk render distance.
  • Particles: All

The Map Development
The map took nearly 4 months: this is because each jump was tested more than twice and frequently changed during developing. This jumps aren't random, each one has been thought based on the others, in order to ensure the best experience for the player. Nothing is given to the case, everything was planned for the best result.

About Me
I am an YouTuber who shows his redstone creations in videos format. I've also made other maps and I'm currently developing more by myself and in group.If you want to show your appreciation, leave a comment or visit my YouTube Channel.

Hope you enjoy, and, please, support the map making community.


2015-03-09 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: Pmk
(7 votes)
Map Version: v1.5
Minecraft Version: 1.8.1 (Java)
File Size: 1.7 MB
Date Added: 2015-03-09
Downloads: 23,037
Map Category: Parkour Maps

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