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Multi-Colored Parkour

Created by Sean081799

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Map Info:
This is a small Parkour Course with blocks of colored wool in this order; Red, Blue, Yellow, Green. There is 5 Rounds, each round preceding the next. The game difficulty is meant for Peaceful, so no Mobs and Hunger get in your way. Although there is water at the bottom of the course, Feather Falling Boots and Instant Health II potions are provided.

This map is meant for, but is not limited to, Single Player. If you are playing with your friends, there is a Dispenser with extra Feather Falling Boots by the rules list.

When you complete a Round, a button (With Command Block) takes you to the next round. When you get to the next round, make sure to press the button that says "Set Spawnpoint", which will be important if you die. There are Buttons at the beginning of each round that allow you to make the time to Day, Turn off Rain (If naturally raining), and to Change the game difficulty to Peaceful.

There are a lot of Pistons involved in the map, making it more difficult. I did implement ONE cheat in a round, but I'm not saying which specific one. The cheat allows you to cut about 6 blocks. After you complete all 5 Waves:

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Map Details

Creator: Sean081799
(18 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.4.7
Size: 2.2 MB
Added: 2013-01-06
Downloads: 30,672
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Aindriu1802 Wow, good job, the last level was a quite hard to beat, butt still gave mi fun. 9/10

2018-02-09 19:00

0 UR2Cancy4Mee Nice not easy map. I rate 8/10.

2016-12-25 09:49

0 Karatekid Pvp This map was tons of fun! I really enjoyed it. Thanks Sean081799

2015-05-14 19:55

0 Minefeild9 I hated it. It was really laggy, half of the blocks were broken.

2013-10-02 03:18

+5 The Silent Ninja Bit laggy because of the pistons. Love the map though!

2013-02-13 01:03

+6 Sean081799 Next map is out! Click here!

2013-01-25 12:34

+6 Sean081799 I am currently waiting for the second map to be uploaded. I recently submitted it a few days ago. Please check it out as soon as possible!

2013-01-25 02:31

+8 Bolt2020 Awesome parkour map Sean!! But, I did get some lag while playing (expected that anyways). The blocks that move out from under you kept the parkour interesting and fun.. There was always something to look forward to in the next round. Can't wait for the second one! :D

2013-01-24 23:49

+4 drumrguy67 i couldn't play it the first level gave me so much lag cause of your redstone but i disabled it and just flew threw it and it looked pretty cool

2013-01-16 01:47

+5 Sean081799 Let me just say this. In Round 5, where there's the Stone Bricks, you're suppose to go UNDER the Yellow Block, onto a Green block; not around it as Fused Bones thought. I should've mentioned this in the description.

2013-01-13 16:52

+4 FusedBones Video:
Great Map by the way i really enjoyed it

2013-01-13 02:02

+3 JimmerPlaysMinecraft Nice map Sean. Check out the recording of it on Youtube

2013-01-10 18:05


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