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Jump Craft 2

Created by snipex_x

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Map Info

Hi guys, welcome back to my second jump map!

In this parkour map you'll travel through eleven different levels! All of the levels have a difficulty which is indicated at the beginning and it will show you how many jumps there are.

Please play the map in Minecraft 1.9-pre3.

Good luck and have fun ^^


  • Taiga level
  • Flower forest level
  • Jungle level
  • Desert level
  • Mesa level
  • Ice plains spikes level
  • Sampland level
  • Mushroom island shore level
  • Savana level
  • Nether level
  • The end


Map Details

Creator: snipex_x
(94 votes)
Version: 1.1
MC Version: 1.9
Size: 7.65 MB
Added: 2016-02-25
Downloads: 7,417
Category: Parkour Maps


VideoklipBG Here is my Gameplay video on your map!


2016-03-13 08:57

VideoklipBG Really, really cool and good Parkour Map! I have a gameplay video on it! I was Extreme Rage Quit but it was very funny! I like this map! I rate this with: 5 Stars! (Max) :)

2016-03-12 22:42

snipex_x Quoting Zeph:
Really hard, but cool map!

sorry and thanks you ^^ i give you check point but i should give more ... ^^
just a question : did you see a wrong message at the beginning of savana level like : --- [ Mushroom Island] --- ?

2016-02-29 08:09

Zeph Really hard, but cool map!
Here is my gameplay video :)

2016-02-26 19:39


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