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Freaky Parkour

Created by Boqx

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This map was made in Snapshot 19w14a (1.14).

Map Info

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my parkour map.

This map was made in snapshot 19w14a so make sure you're using that version of the game or you won't be able to complete the parkour! What will you be jumping around on you ask? Well let me tell you:

  • There are jumps on scaffolds.
  • There are a couple of head-hitters for the parkour masters here.
  • Ofcourse, ice block jumps!
  • There are blocks that give you effects when you walk on them like speed, jump, slowness and a kill block!
  • There are some crawl jumps, where you have to jump from a crawling state to a normal block.
  • Some neo jumps.
  • A BIG slime jump.
  • Some challenging enchanting table jumps.
  • Ladders and vines.
  • Invisible block jumps.

There's a checkpoint when you finish each level. Make sure you run over the magenta clay block to set your spawnpoint where you will respawn when you fail a jump and fall in the void.

I recommend playing the map in adventure mode, but if you use creative then that's fine by me.

Have fun!


Map Details

Creator: Boqx
(238 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14
Size: 3.6 MB
Added: 2019-04-21
Downloads: 20,647
Category: Parkour Maps


+4 Sunscreen I can't even get past the first level.... I'm such a noob.

2019-05-31 23:21

+1 Joltz the jumpboost is toxic, most of the time it doesnt give you it.

2019-05-30 03:49

+3 Viza Very well made fantastic job. The only thing I recommenced is spacing it out so you can't land on previous checkpoints besides that it was very fun. Great job!!!

2019-05-26 16:38

+4 Haleigh Ended on 171 deaths. I had a lot of fun with this map but on the crawling part when you drop down it makes you stand up and I was stuck. I had to enable cheats and break a few blocks to get out.

2019-05-15 01:45

+1 Waylonskrrt Was great until the part with the tan colored clay and black colored clay, had no clue what would kill me, i would stand still and not move and then die all the sudden, rest of the map is good tho

2019-05-14 03:43

-1 Jturtlz It took me like 30 tries to get past the second checkpoint (the ladders). And then as I continue to actually enjoy the map I missed one jump, and landed back on the second checkpoint...

The checkpoints need to save as you progress, not reset to whichever one you land on. Completely ruined the map for me. Just terrible; the parkour was way too difficult early on in the map, just immediately gives you difficult, rage-inducing jumps.

Sorry to say this, but I didn't enjoy this at all, just frustrated me.

2019-05-07 04:11

0 Ellie This is a really great map, definitely recommend playing. Nice job!

2019-05-05 21:38

+1 trash.mp3 there is a bug in the crawlspace stage where you get stuck and cant do anything pls fix

2019-05-02 13:14

+2 Samksuh i cant do the red thing im stuck xd

2019-04-30 10:03

+1 SlimmerTub37 Is it multiplayer?

2019-04-27 01:57

+1 DomiPlayzMC Already solve the problem by opening to LAN but still fix it if u can all in all good map :D

2019-04-24 14:11

+2 DomiPlayzMC On the "wnetherwart blocks with pistone" level i stucked in a small place and cant get out and im not able to change gamemode or do any other stuff :/

2019-04-24 14:07

+4 speedybot911 I loved it.

2019-04-22 05:08


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