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Floating Ruins Parkour 2

Created by Chochitogoti

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Map Info

Floating Ruins Parkour 2 is the part 2 of my very first map called ''Floating Ruins Parkour''. You'll find yourself in a world where not only you have to jump, but think as well, yes that's right, a world where jumping is not the only think that matters, might be a challenge for some. Prove that you're capable of being a winner!

If you wish to play Floating Ruins Parkour 1, go ahead and browse here in Minecraftmaps. It's a 1.8v Map.


  • 1. No Breaking Blocks
  • 2. No Commands Allowed
  • 3. No Cheating in General *Unless it's 100% Needed to Continue*
  • 4. If get Stuck type /Kill to go back to Nearest Checkpoint
  • 5. Map was made for 1 player (Singleplayer), keep in mind, if played with 2 or more, some of the features in the map might malfunction, feel free to use Commands as you wish if needed.


  • 1. Optifine HD
  • 2. Brightness 60% Or Less
  • 3. Render Distance 6 Chunks
  • 4. Map looks amazing with Shaders, if possible use them!. (OPTIONAL)
  • 5. For better experience please use John Smith Legacy Texture Pack!
  • 6. Any background Adventure Song


  • 1. Windows key + R and type ''%appdata%''
  • 2. Find ''.minecraft'' and open it
  • 3. Go to ''Saves'' drag and drop the folder ''Floating Ruins Parkour 2'' in there.
  • 4. Open Minecraft and Play on!


Map Details

Creator: Chochitogoti
(44 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10
Size: 499 KB
Added: 2016-07-10
Downloads: 3,301
Category: Parkour Maps


0 Creepy Wow!This Map Is AWESOME!!!!!!

2016-07-22 03:49

+2 YorkTheHunger This Map Is So Eeeeppiiccccc Man, Congratulation + 1 Download

2016-07-11 19:48


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