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Extreme Parkour

Created by Black1ninja/Lando 64

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This map was brought to you by people two people: Black1ninja and deadpool42.

This is my first collaboration with someone and also my 2nd map.

Extreme Parkour is a parkour map that is pretty hard if I say so myself.

If you ever get stuck you are allowed to give yourself a spawn point.

Also all jumps are possible and at the beginning you have to do a little tutorial to start the game and to see the rules.

This map can be a multiplayer or single player map. You might be asking how is it multiplayer? Because there is a feather you can troll your friends with :) [secret] and it's mostly meant for single player.

I hope you enjoy our map :)


Map Details

Creator: Black1ninja/Lando 64
(119 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 857 KB
Added: 2018-03-23
Downloads: 3,057
Category: Parkour Maps


0 black1ninja He's ingame name is deadpool422 not deadpool42 sorry a typo.

2018-04-17 20:09

0 Explosive8G8_ Hi, I loved this map. It was short and quite fun. One thing though, on level 3 the golden pressure plate before the neo jump was supposed to set your spawn point, but you forgot the @p in the command. Just a mistake I noticed but overall a nice quick and fun map

2018-03-24 02:40


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