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Explosive Jumps

Created by TA_PS

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Our first Minecraft map!

Map Info:
Welcome to Explosive Jumps! This parkour map includes "5" levels packed with explosions. The journey includes a battle with lava, an escape from the void, and to capture the gold tower.

- Play on PEACEFUL.
- Do NOT break blocks.
- Do NOT place blocks.
- Turn on Command Blocks.
- Enable command blocks on multiplayer.

(All jumps have been tested).

Map Details

Creator: TA_PS
(5 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.5.2
Size: 456 KB
Added: 2013-06-29
Downloads: 62,023
Category: Parkour Maps


+1 JoyousPineapple Hey! I just did a YouTube vid (8 months after release but still lol) So if you wanna check it out here it is :)

2014-03-01 02:20

-3 DARREN just do /gamerule doTileDrops true

2013-12-28 22:48

+5 Cupcake321 Hi the map was awesome. (first map i've played)

by the way 9/10

2013-12-20 08:21

+2 Troy805 dude cool map i loved it

2013-11-29 23:54

+2 H_Dude It was fun, but I didn't understand the end. You couldn't get the diamonds, and even if you could, what would you do with them? It was a fun map, but I thought it was too short. 8/10.

2013-11-18 23:21

+7 Undead_2000 This was a really good map thank you

2013-07-05 00:43

+11 badmonkey27 I dont get what you do after level 4

2013-07-05 00:37

+10 map maker and player it got a 9 of 10 the only reason not a 10 is because at the end you can get the stuff you mined even if you enchant your pickaxe

2013-07-04 17:06

+10 cameronx26 Loved it! I give it a 9/10!!
Challenging but not for me since I'm good at parkour but I loved it!

2013-07-04 15:52

+8 Singy i plan of doin a lets play on this if thats ok? im new to commenting. but anyway i will post the link when im done with it :) should be fun

2013-07-04 09:28

+10 Agelosgate4 I love this map. I loved the bedrock challenge the most!

2013-06-30 08:36

+11 CraftingErrDay This was an excellent and challenging map. Great job

2013-06-30 07:11

+11 Skitzo Great map, was challenging!

2013-06-29 21:42

+11 TA_PS Thanks Minecraft Player! It means a lot especially for our first map!

2013-06-29 21:41

+17 Minecraft Player Excellent map! I was having trouble with the last level. It was really challenging! 9.5/10!

2013-06-29 17:59


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