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Drip Drop

Created by Henzoid

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This map requires Snapshot 21w08b (Minecraft 1.17).

Map Info

No, this map has nothing to do with Among Us

Welcome to the 1.17 snapshots, AKA the most frustrating parkour experience of your life! With the addition of the brand new dripleaf plant, jumping puzzles have never been more tense, and what better way to address tension than by making it competitive? Race against 1-3 friends (or more if you’re feeling adventurous) through lush caves, dripstone caverns, and amethyst geodes as you try to be the first to escape the narrow passages and be victorious. But of course, there can only be one winner, and one person to initiate The Drip Drop.


  • Version 21w08b
  • Any number of players (2-4 recommended)
  • Three levels
  • 45 minutes to an hour playtime
  • Medium - Hard difficulty
  • Resourcepack and Map file included in download


Map Details

Creator: Henzoid
(112 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.17
Size: 4.9 MB
Added: 2021-03-05
Downloads: 1,829
Category: Parkour Maps

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