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Created by XxMasterParkourxX

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Map Info:
Are you a "Parkour Master"? Then test out your skills in this awesome colored parkour map featuring 10 different levels.

This map will take around 10 minutes to complete if you are good at parkour, if not maybe even 20. :)

Good luck and have fun!

Map Details

Creator: XxMasterParkourxX
(37 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 320 KB
Added: 2015-04-06
Downloads: 23,841
Category: Parkour Maps


StarGirly i like this map im a parkour pro ty t who made this map :D ty ty !!!!!!

2015-04-21 03:25

XxdiamondloverxX I wasn't good but I really like this parkour map it's amazing and pro parkour people enjoy this map :DDDD

2015-04-12 02:14

Alex Guys As knowing that this is Really hard made, The next one will be much easier and fun(also good to be recorded) :)

2015-04-08 06:57

Rating: 2/5 Stars (Created by Map Ratingz). Hello, I have just played the first few levels of your map noticing a similarity to Sup3rTrinity's maps. This map is a little bit of a copy to the style of Sup3rTrinity, due to the style of the effects. The levels are overall very tough and hard to beat.

What to do in your next map: Try and create your own creation, and try not to copy maps that have already ben made. Also create a more interesting and fun style that really grabs the user.

Thank You.

2015-04-08 01:35

Nerdsunite10156 I am soooooooooooooo o good, it took me 30 minutes. That's good, right?

Check out my video, at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGe7VjU6ffM

2015-04-08 00:11

TheFugga I enjoyed the map! (except for level 7,8 annoying and should not exist :P)
Here Is the link to my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niL-7BNpvUE. I didn't encounter any glitches.

2015-04-07 23:33

FunnyBunn Is level 3 Even Possible ? lol I am raging... maybe try and make it a bit more possible

2015-04-07 21:35

Alex ty for your honesty. we will improve every single mistakes we've made in this map! thank you all :)

2015-04-07 18:39

mrojo64 I don't think the map was really my kinda thing. It took me 61 tries, to do level 3!

2015-04-07 12:19

ThePower13579 First of all, the detection system is HORRIBLE. Second, the map is
SUPER glitchy. Third of all, you are literally trying to make a map that has been made 5 times! It is really boring and not even as good as the other ones.

2015-04-07 02:56

Stephen Woodard this is a amazing map although the slime blocks glitched for me... maybe it was just lag

2015-04-07 02:39


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