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Doodle Jump

Created by Chhistenn

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Doodle Jump is a parkour/minigame Minecraft map that's based off the classic arcade and mobile game you may find at your local arcade or played on your phone or ipad. In it, all players start at the bottom of an arcade set, and jump from platform to platform up the game, and whoever can get to the top and ring the bell wins. In all difficulties except No-Void Mode, the ground will crumble from below, forcing you to keep moving up or else you'll fall. You can also jump on mobs as if they're a block.

***IMPORTANT: In this map, you can jump through EVERY block in the game except for bedrock and obsidian. Use this to your advantage, you can't complete the game without!

And I will warn you now that this game can be kinda difficult, so if it's too difficult at first, set the difficulty to No-Void Mode, that way you don't have to worry about the collapsing ground.

This map is both singleplayer and multiplayer compatible. It can be played with any number of players. In multiplayer, you can play Co-op or Versus Mode. If playing on a server (LAN or Online), be aware of some slowdowns that may occur.

Thank you for playing and have fun!


--Made the game easier. I noticed via Youtube videos it was just way too difficult. I didn't change the parkour itself, but the ground crumbles slower in Easy, Normal, and Hard. It was just way to difficult. Even I was being angered by it
--Also updated the description so it's (hopefully) more clear that you will need to jump through blocks, and also showed that you can set it to No-Void Mode so the ground doesn't crumble

--Removed the horrific lag when the floor starts to crumble (caused by the line of particles)
--Fixed a multiplayer bug where some players can't jump through blocks
--A blue block in the Classic stage gets destroyed when stepped on
--Added an option for players to glow/ have an outline while playing

--Fixed a fatal flaw found in v1.2.

--Removed a glitch in which you could have multiple "endings" at once in multiplayer
--Added a line of text that tells you your time to win/lose at the end of each game

--Updated to 1.17 (still compatible with 1.16)
--Fixed an issue where 2+ players may not spawn in the right spot
--Fixed a jump that was literally impossible in the City stage
--Removed a "dead end" in the Classic stage
--Made the Underground stage simpler to understand


Map Details

Creator: Chhistenn
(110 votes)
Version: 1.4
MC Version: 1.17
Size: 4.9 MB
Added: 2021-07-05
Downloads: 5,116
Category: Parkour Maps


+1 Razva Tried this on 1.17, doesn't seem to work. Op-ed myself. No plugins installed. Tried in Adventure and Creative.

2021-07-18 10:20

+3 Minecraft This is probably one of the most unique parkour maps I've seen in a while. Most of the stuff on this section is just generic stuff that's a ripoff of Hielke's parkour pyramid or paradise, but this is a short 2D parkour map with multiple stages you can keep playing and get better at each time, and I like it, and I think it deserves more attention

2021-07-07 00:23

+4 Papa maybe its just my old and bad pc but it start to lag really hard when the floor starts to crumble, which is why the no-crumble mode is the only mode I can play in, but cool map

2021-07-05 20:40


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