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Cave Escape

Created by NickGamerGR

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This map has multiple types of parkour in it: Normal parkour, ladder, glass pane, end rod, ice, invisible block and more. It isn't too hard, and it is estimated to take 5-15 minutes, depending on the skill level of the player(s). This is made for 1-6 players, if there are more than 6 then the map won't work properly.


You find yourself abandoned in a dark cave. You don't remember much, but apparently you were mining and the mine collapsed. The only possible way to get out of this cave is a parkour course that lies in front of you. The objective is one: Escape


  • Unlike some other maps, where you fall in the lava and wait for the burn to kill you, in this map you get teleported to your checkpoint some milliseconds before you touch the lava, preventing the slow painful death.
  • Each player has his/her own checkpoint.
  • Checkpoints are actually Armor Stands, that's why you must never use the /kill command.
  • There are custom death messages, which you can disable from the "Settings" book.
  • The map has an integrated Anti-Cheat system, which prevents you from using /gamemode 0 and /gamemode 1. You can disable it from your "Settings" book.

Settings Book

From the "Settings" book you can toggle various options:

Settings Book #1Settings Book #2

Special Blocks

  • TnT: Explodes.
  • Redstone block: Summons a lightning bolt.
  • Barrier: Makes you completely invisible.
  • Soul Sand: Gives you the Slowness II effect for 10 seconds.
  • End Bricks: Appear and disappear every 1 second.
  • Glass: Checkpoint.
  • (Notice: The tnt, redstone block and soul sand don't do what they're supposed to do the moment you step on them; there is a small delay, enabling the player to run above them without being affected by them.)


In this map, there are 4 achievements and 4 easter eggs.


  • Musician: Secret.
  • Easter Bunny: Find all the easter eggs.
  • Escapist: Escape the cave.
  • Achievement Hunter: Unlock all the other achievements.



Map Details

Creator: NickGamerGR
(126 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9
Size: 719.78 KB
Added: 2016-05-31
Downloads: 11,510
Category: Parkour Maps


CandyCat Quoting NickGamerGR:
It's not ready yet! :)

when is the next map coming out?

2021-11-14 17:27

NickGamerGR We broke 8K downloads guys! Thanks so much for the support on this map! Love ya all

2016-09-03 20:52

NickGamerGR Quoting me:
whats the next map i cant kind it love it

It's not ready yet! :)

2016-07-23 16:41

me whats the next map i cant kind it love it

2016-07-15 18:34

Doctor Jam Cool map! I made a play-through of it,

2016-06-25 18:15

xXxDracoxXx Quoting Owen Wisden.:
it was just too! hard! for me so 2 out of 2 sorry dude :(

yours sincerly.

That's 100%! Why are you saying sorry?

2016-06-13 03:59

NickGamerGR Quoting Maria f.:
what does GR mean in your name?:)

I think you already know that :) Greece!

2016-06-02 15:15

Maria f. what does GR mean in your name?:)

2016-06-01 12:27

NickGamerGR Thanks everyone for the nice comments and the ratings :) If we reach 700 I will do a playthrough in my channel.

2016-06-01 11:20

NickGamerGR Quoting iMeteor:
Nice map! I did a playthrough of it!

Thanks, can you give me the link? I would be really happy to watch it :)

2016-06-01 11:17

Vikks Best Friend WOW! Very Nice map. Lots of command blocks :D

2016-06-01 00:43

joyfulmonkey Quoting Owen Wisden.:
it was just too! hard! for me so 2 out of 2 sorry dude :(
yours sincerly.

Wait, if it's 2 out of 2, that's 100%, which means the map is good. 2 out of 2 isn't a bad thing! Nice!

2016-05-31 21:39

iMeteor Nice map! I did a playthrough of it!

2016-05-31 21:28

BlasterGaminMC love it!

2016-05-31 20:02

Owen Wisden. it was just too! hard! for me so 2 out of 2 sorry dude :(

yours sincerly.

2016-05-31 16:06


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