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Biome Parkour

Created by ZockzHD

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Map Info:
You have to parkour by doing singles, doubles, triples and quad jumps and why not include some fence and soul sand jumps throughout the map as well.

See if you can guess which biome your are doing the parkour in at the time.

Your challenge awaits!

Map time length: 20-25 mins but it really depends on your parkour speed.


Map Details

Creator: ZockzHD
(23 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 809.61 KB
Added: 2015-12-16
Downloads: 9,006
Category: Parkour Maps


MCTyyyy Love the map! The only thing we had to do was break the first 2 block high cactus.. it must've grown over night!

Video of map play: https://youtu.be/wKb55Z5naJw

2016-02-05 05:24

ZockzHD Quoting voithkids:
I don't know how to get onto the cacti in the sand biomes.

U jump on the 1 block high cacti

2015-12-24 16:41

ZockzHD Quoting Habbledobble:
What texture pack do you use for the screenshots?

It's a mc edit of a couple of tp

2015-12-24 16:40

ZockzHD Quoting Agent_ISA:
is it compatible with 2 players

Yes it is

2015-12-24 16:39

ZockzHD thank u guys for the great comments let me know if u want more maps this was my first ever map that I built and all the comments will help me improve if I make another map let me know if I should on Twitter or on here

2015-12-24 16:38

T_MAS_THE_MIGHTY It's definatly not brilliant. It would be good if cheats weren't on. It didn't start easy as you said it would it started off quite hard then got a little bit easier I found. Placing the Barriers was quite a good idea but in the podzol biome parkour thing there was too many of them and the first and second jumps were NEARLY impossible, nearly. Other than that the map was absoloutly fabulous. (I need to get better at spelling!!)
Well done 7/10

2015-12-24 12:42

voithkids I don't know how to get onto the cacti in the sand biomes.

2015-12-23 14:49

mjsartgirl I thought it was okay. A few notes: 1) try to look harder for ways to cheat, there were quite a few even outside of the jungle. 2) Seeing the commands taking place seemed a little rough. 3) Lastly, the ending was really anticlimactic just being sent to the start without any announcements or anything.

2015-12-20 01:02

TeddyToastyMC Really awesome map! I only had to cheat a few times :P
My play-through:

2015-12-19 04:44

you Quoting Habbledobble:
What texture pack do you use for the screenshots?

I believe its faithful 32x32

2015-12-19 03:52

Habbledobble What texture pack do you use for the screenshots?

2015-12-18 12:18

Agent_ISA is it compatible with 2 players

2015-12-17 15:12

me amazing parkour! Fun too! :D

2015-12-17 00:25

mitteni nice map i love it

2015-12-16 17:22


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