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Aspect Parkour

Created by Thijn10pluis

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Map Info:
Aspect Parkour is a map with all the different aspects of parkour in the following order:

  1. Regular Parkour
  2. Ladder Parkour
  3. Ice Parkour
  4. Soul Sand Parkour
  5. Slime Block Parkour
  6. Fence Parkour
  7. Skull Parkour
  8. Piston Parkour
  9. Cactus Parkour
  10. Moving Parkour
  11. Speed Parkour
  12. Jump Boost Parkour
  13. Maze Parkour
  14. Troll Parkour

If you manage to beat all these stages you can call yourself a real parkour-pro!

Map Details

Creator: Thijn10pluis
(24 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 933.33 KB
Added: 2015-12-20
Downloads: 13,022
Category: Parkour Maps


+1 SakuraYT I played till the 2nd level and i raged >.< Guess im not parkour pro lol ;P This Map Is Challenging!!! Great parkour map if u wanna get challenged on your parkour skillz

2015-12-21 18:06

-1 Gamerichie M8 there are a lot for different aspects...
Whatever. Nice map anyways.

2015-12-20 23:15


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