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30 Levels

Created by Bubblehunter99

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Map Info

30 Levels, each featuring a 10x5x5 room packed with a unique parkour experience. Some levels need precise timing, others a little thinking. Can you beat them all?

Update 1.2: Finally fixed level 18.


  • 30 levels of parkour
  • Upon falling, be teleported instead of killed (As most parkour maps do)
  • An AI robot that will talk to you through each level. 
  • Custom block mechanics
  • All levels are tested and possible
  • No invisible blocks

Rules & Settings

  • Multiplayer is possible, although advised against. (Both players will be teleported) 
  • Map is an extremely controlled environment, as such...
  • You can not:
  • change game mode
  • break blocks
  • skip levels
  • It is also highly recommended you don't:
  • Spawn in items
  • break command blocks
  • force teleport (teleporting to a friend is possible, but will ruin your fun :c)

Please Note

  • Due to ender pearl glitching, you can glitch through some roofs. Please try to avoid this, and I've put as much as blocks as I could to stop this. There is a spot where you may end up that allows you to teleport back.
  • If any glitches or spelling errors are found, please report them in the comments.
  • This is my first map, hoping more will come! (With more story/plot in them)
  • If this is enjoyed, I will be creating a part two.

Created by Bubblehunter99, enjoy! 


Map Details

Creator: Bubblehunter99
(607 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 1.11
Size: 3 MB
Added: 2016-12-02
Downloads: 15,317
Category: Parkour Maps


knightsteel no is not impossible im passed easy !

2017-05-25 18:05

R2mallow if stuck type /effect (yourname) levitation 6

2016-12-27 04:31

Bubblehunter99 Quoting wasdwasd a:
Do you ever test that map ? It's impossible !

As long as it was properly loaded in 1.11, everything is possible ^_^ Feel free to find a walk through on youtube, there's plenty out there.

2016-12-24 01:04

wasdwasd a Do you ever test that map ? It's impossible !

2016-12-23 17:32

Jacky just use a ender pearl throw to the top and you out to the world so just go to the command block of gamemode then disable it

2016-12-15 06:26

Jacky You thought that i dont know how to change to creative.

2016-12-15 06:25

Andrew How do you beat level 23? I can't land on the third pole so PLEASE HELP!!!!

2016-12-14 19:51

Anonymous ? Quoting Mylie:
yes, i also need some help on level 18. its is IMPOSSIBLE to complete it. PLEASE HELP

If you are really stuck on that level, you can /effect @p Minecraft:levit ation 5 1 so you fly for 5 sec.

2016-12-10 13:58

Youri82 OMG, on level 28, I found the: Are you stuck? sign XD

2016-12-07 20:18

Youri82 I loved the map, level 18 is a bit weird tho, but is the map fully finished?

2016-12-07 19:45

Darth Really good Map! Can't wait for Part 2!

2016-12-06 18:26

Duc OMG the last level is so crazy

2016-12-06 04:41

Siegrow Lvl 18 is impossible!

2016-12-05 16:19

IIWesley Quoting Lucas Astier:
But i cant go and skip it in creative

type /give @p minecraft:ender pearl

2016-12-04 15:40

Bubblehunter99 Ight, last comment didn't go through, so not sure if moderation is still holding it or what xD.
Anyways, taking a look at level 18, the download seems fine. The button is supposed to give you a boat, which can be used to place on the floating water. All you have to do is jump ^_^ So, jump and place
If the button is broken for you, then type /give @a dark_oak_boat , any other boat will not be cleared from your inventory if you decide to break it. Enjoy!

2016-12-04 14:29

Aidan lvl18 the button is broken

2016-12-04 04:28

Minerman Uh... level 18 doesnt work

2016-12-04 02:43

KT I really enjoyed this map, BubbleHunter99! So much so, I decided to make a video walkthrough for it which you can watch here:

About Level 18, I actually was able to find the game mode lever when I beat the map and investigate the button. The command block is supposed to give a boat to the player, but was written to give it to BubbleHunter99 instead of just the nearest player :P Simple mistake, and you've probably already fixed it. LOVED Sym so much! She and I were on the same page sometimes and it was hilarious! Awesome map, can't wait for the sequel. :)


2016-12-04 00:51

Lucas Astier But i cant go and skip it in creative

2016-12-03 22:45

Phillip Quoting Jaunsum:
Level 18 is broken its Imposable
it is, and you cant go into gamemode 1. idk what to do now.

2016-12-03 20:01

superman011 until the bug is patched on level 18, use this command:

/effect @p minecraft:jump_ boost 10 1

2016-12-03 17:45

MCFV How to do level 18

2016-12-03 15:23

Mylie yes, i also need some help on level 18. its is IMPOSSIBLE to complete it. PLEASE HELP

2016-12-03 04:31

Jaunsum Level 18 is broken its Imposable

2016-12-03 02:59

Jaunsum I cant get past one, I think the button is broken

2016-12-03 02:52

Luke I also need help with level 18. Could we get a hint?

2016-12-03 00:09

Lucas Astier Hello, can i ask for some help on level 18

2016-12-02 21:18


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