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10 Jumps Parkour

Created by Matt_Uncharted

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Map Info:
A new Multiplayer and Singleplayer map, 10 Jumps Parkour has each level consist of 10 jumps, slowly increasing in difficulty. Try beating it in as few deaths as possible.


  • No Breaking Blocks
  • No Placing Blocks
  • Stay in Survival Mode
  • Stay in Single Player
  • Have Fun :D

The Creator:
Hi! I'm Matt_Uncharted! I like to build parkour maps and make videos! (My YouTube Channel).

If you have any bugs or suggestions, post it in the comments below! Thanks!

Map Details

Creator: Matt_Uncharted
(18 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8
Size: 350 KB
Added: 2015-10-18
Downloads: 15,682
Category: Parkour Maps


+1 CloverDeRifle This is a great map for expert parkourists, but you need levels that start with a nooby kind of start, like 2 blocks, and then it gets harder to 3, 4, 5 blocks and etc.

2015-11-13 02:12

+2 CloverDeRifle Five jumps are possible, but you need the right speed to jump through it, It's NOT impossible, because you don't have the right speed. Don't blame the map for just one mistake

2015-11-13 01:53

+1 CloverDeRifle This is good, but needs more improvements. :P
I hope you find this comment a little more specific for bad. -Make it ADVENTURE mode for no breaking blocks, placing blocks, or anything else you can do without adventure mode.

2015-11-13 01:52

-2 CTBMC Such bad. Wow:
Y u no in Adventure Mode? That way you cannot break or place anything without NBT.
5-block jumps. These are only possible via sheer luck.
Boring design. Each level is basically the same jump 10 times. You even say it.
Boring graphics. There's noting to it really, just polished andesite and granite. Looks really boring.
All my points apply to your other two maps.

2015-10-30 11:15

+6 Nope Your map sucks so much theyre are 5 block jumps that arent even possible

2015-10-29 21:32

+3 JohnOaklyjohn Yeah like someone said, there were multiple 5 block jumps when in minecraft you can only make 4 blockers. Otherwise, great map :)

2015-10-26 01:02

+1 AlexanderHoff123 Cool map. Very hard.

I did notice a couple of issues though.

1. When I got to the speed+jump part, after I had died 1 time the jump effect disappeared and I was left with only speed, so it was actually not possible anymore :(.

2. Near the end there is a 5 block jump. And I'm not sure how you can possibly make that. Even with momentum. Maybe I'm just missing something?

I learned that you can make 4+1 block jumps on ice though, by jumping on the middle of the block, instead of at the edge. That way you get more momentum. So that was really cool :).

2015-10-19 10:25

-4 _SunnyzTSS_ Dude Awesome Map! Gonna Record On It :)

2015-10-19 02:05

+2 Gamerichie Quads that early? So much nope.

2015-10-18 20:09


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