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An Amazing Journey

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This is my first adventure map, initially released in 2013. It's a map full of mazes and it's called An Amazing Journey. Yes, pun definitely intended.

Back in 1996 or 1997, my brother gave me a bunch of mazes he had printed out using an old maze-generating program from years earlier. He had originally printed them out for himself to have mazes he could fill in with all sorts of silly traps. He didn't use them all so he gave the rest to me. I decided to fill up the rest of the mazes too but I used the levels of Super Mario 64 as inspiration.

So I filled up a few mazes with all the obstacles and enemies from Super Mario 64. Years later, I got Minecraft. Some months after that, I got really bored. So I started converting these mazes into Minecraft levels.

Early on in this project, I had decided to combine the levels to create a lengthy adventure map that emphasized navigation through mazes and puzzle-solving. So here we are now with 7 of the mazes all in one map. There are two more maps out there in the series: An Amazing Journey 2: Redstone Boogaloo and An Amazing Journey 3: Endergame.

I've been tweaking this map on and off for several years. The current version of the map has been optimized for Adventure Mode. If you catch any errors or some things just aren't working right, or you just have some suggestions for future maps, please let me know in the comments!

PLEASE read the text files included with the map before playing.


2015-06-12 - Map Released.

-Fixed a chunk error in the final maze.
-Replaced a crucial missing block from the second map.
-Fixed some redstone circuitry around the long ladder after the third map.
-Moved some chests and removed some unnecessary barrier blocks in the fourth map.
-Edited some command blocks in the final map solely for aesthetic purposes.

- Several changes were made:
- Changed a lot of command block scripting for aesthetic purposes.
- Adjusted speed of falling anvils in Minefield Maze.
- Added barricade blocks around chests in High Tower Maze to avoid theft of their content from over the fence.
- Added boats to the Gloomy Roger Lagoon Maze.
- Fixed spread of vines.
- Removed visible particle effects from spawned arrows.
- Added more minecarts to Shivery Crag Maze.
- Fixed ??? 6 book in Shivery Crag Maze.

Map Details

Map Creator: TheZaius
(53 votes)
Map Version: v1.3
Minecraft Version: 1.12.2
File Size: 30 MB
Date Added: 2015-06-12
Downloads: 52,708
Map Category: Maze Maps

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