News: Minecraft 1.15 "Buzzy Bees" update has been released by Mojang!


A redstoner / map maker that likes videogames in general and wants to make them in Minecraft.

You can find me on Twitter & YouTube.

Becoming a parent changes your life, but the unexpected can collapse your beliefs... Unexpected Past is a story heavy map, featuring custom models, an immersive dialogue system and animated characters.

Yet another What Doesn't Belong style map, but this time it's EXTREME! You will be blown away by the puzzles this map has to offer. And you won't be the same after it...

Become a professional map maker with these 10 useful command block contraptions for improving your custom maps!

This adventure map is perfect. With custom textures, models and achievements, which are also perfect. Are you perfect?

Face 24 puzzles and free 24 villagers in this multiplayer friendly adventure map!

Make the best decisions in this horror story with 5 different endings, but only 1 right.

Featuring five sliding puzzle, as seen in the Professor Layton series, this map will challenge your mind, while still not being too hard.

A story based map, with an interesting plot and some simple game mechanics.

Explore in a new way the world! With some simple input, you can crawl everywhere without limits. It's a new ability in Minecraft!!

Wear the jetpack, hold some gunpowder in your hand and press the sneak button to start to fly with fireworks!

The world needs Love to work. But someone is weakening it. You have to stop it, guided by your Goddess and with your bow!

A short and simple Christmas map, with the focus on a story with horror elements.

You're lost in a cave; tired, about to give up. Hope seems lost, but then you find a strange pumpkin...

You like to jump? I hope so, because, in this map, if you stop to jump, you die. Are you up to the challenge?