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Minecraft 1.3 features (map related)
In the latest update for minecraft, version 1.3, a variety of different gameplay elements and features have been added to the game. As we are a map site, I will only list the changes that are related to the world generation part of minecraft. For a more complete list of changes, you should head on over to mojang.com.

New world features:

- New game mode "Adventure" has been added, players can't destroy or place any blocks while in this mode. This really enhances the custom map experience, and I would expect many new maps to use this game mode in the future.

- Desert themed villages have been added, the buildings are made out of sand. They can, unsurprisingly, only spawn in the desert.

- Temples can now spawn throughout the world. There are two different types; jungle and desert, both featuring special traps, such as tripwire and TNT. A chest will also spawn inside of them, similar to dungeons.

- You can now choose to have an optional chest spawn when you create a new world, containing tools and food to aid in survival.

- A new world type, called large biomes, has been added. It substantially increases the size of biomes found within the map.

- Emerald ore can now be found in the world, spawning only in extreme hill biomes. Emeralds can be used to trade with NPC villagers.

- Cocoa beans can now spawn on certain jungle trees.

- Biome themed mountains are now much taller.

In conclusion, adventure mode is cool, and you can now live out your fantasy of being Indiana Jones, and explore temples! or maybe that's just me..

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