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Minecraft Horror Maps

Horror maps are not for the faint of heart. They usually focus on a eerie story and contain many jump scares.

Subgenre: Halloween | Versions: 1.14, 1.13



You wake up to a knock on the door, but it seems there is something more sinister at hand...

Creator: Jaspr MC Version: 1.14.4
Date Added: 2019-12-17 Downloads: 19,718
(541 votes)
Comments: 37


Something happened in this Place. And must find a way to know. ... What Actually Happened Here ... If you wanna know and find out. just come in.

Creator: JackboneGamerTV MC Version: 1.14.4
Date Added: 2019-11-23 Downloads: 18,526
(452 votes)
Comments: 49

Titan Research  

You play the role of Johnathan Adams, who has recently lost his son in an abduction. When getting back to work, you are told to complete your next commission.

Creator: Skimantor MC Version: 1.14.4
Date Added: 2019-11-19 Downloads: 12,774
(292 votes)
Comments: 40

Sir Axe  

You are an inspector who is in a hunt for a serial killer named Sir Axe. Immerse yourself in the shortest but most intense horror experience you have ever experienced. A recreation in minecraft of the successful game Death Trips.

Creator: 121Astro MC Version: 1.14.4
Date Added: 2019-11-15 Downloads: 11,725
(549 votes)
Comments: 61

The Territory  

THE TERRITORY is a Minecraft Action Adventure Horror map set in an unknown forest of Eastern Europe. Fight your way through the bloodthirsty creatures roaming the woods and dive deep into the heart of the forest.

Creator: panR4IN MC Version: 1.13
Date Added: 2019-10-27 Downloads: 14,078
(299 votes)
Comments: 46


After Zach gets expelled from his school and his parents neglect him, he runs away. What will he encounter on his travels?

Creator: TRTZach MC Version: 1.14.4
Date Added: 2019-10-22 Downloads: 20,464
(504 votes)
Comments: 71

le monke's Lair  

Uh oh, I found you!

Creator: Aeroz MC Version: 1.12
Date Added: 2019-10-19 Downloads: 9,520
(310 votes)
Comments: 76

Night Shift on Halloween  

You are a receptionist working in a busy work office. However, on the night of Halloween some very spooky events occur. Will you make it out alive in this Horror-Escape map?

Creator: Edgemando MC Version: 1.14.4
Date Added: 2019-10-11 Downloads: 17,613
(341 votes)
Comments: 54

Teke Teke  

It has been a few days since two of your classmates mysteriously went missing... However after hearing a voice in your dreams and hearing a legend about a deceased schoolgirl, things quickly started to get connected. She already got her eyes on her next victims... and one of them is you...

Creator: Fallen__Legend MC Version: 1.14.4
Date Added: 2019-10-07 Downloads: 20,550
(449 votes)
Comments: 49


A flee from the investigation turns out to be the starting point of your stranded voyage. Part 2 of "The Contagion".

Creator: Aeroz MC Version: 1.12.2
Date Added: 2019-10-05 Downloads: 8,977
(154 votes)
Comments: 27
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