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Latest Maps Added

1. The Temple - Collect Every Item v1.1 - 2022-08-14
2. Dungeon of the Axolotl v1.0 - 2022-08-14
3. Parkour Country v1.1 - 2022-08-07
4. Five Night's At Florial's v1.0 - 2022-08-07
5. Flying Tropical Island v1.0 - 2022-08-07

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Alien: A Crafters Isolation


A co-op/singleplayer map based on Alien: Isolation. It features custom textures, animated textures, custom sounds and a dynamic Alien that hunts you down and a working motion tracker.

Creator: Xander369/Charlie-309 MC Version: 1.8 (Java)
Date Added: 2014-10-30 Downloads: 201,056
(454 votes)
File Size: 28 MB

Experiment 414


Venture deep into the heart of an abandoned laboratory and experience the sickening story of 'Experiment 414' and the aftermath of her creation.

Creator: Reather MC Version: 1.8 (Java)
Date Added: 2014-10-30 Downloads: 62,809
(188 votes)
File Size: 5 MB

Five Nights at Freddy's


This is a fully functional Five Night's at Freddy's remake in Minecraft. Created using the incredible new features of Minecraft version 1.8.

Creator: Reather MC Version: 1.8 (Java)
Date Added: 2014-09-17 Downloads: 446,883
(1256 votes)
File Size: 11.4 MB

The Nightmare


This is a horror type adventure map named "The Nightmare". It's not a sequel of "Magiguard Kingdom", but some stories share its history.

Creator: Unhak39 MC Version: 1.7.2 (Java)
Date Added: 2014-08-26 Downloads: 141,922
(281 votes)
File Size: 9 MB

The House of SIlences


A lonely house in the middle of the forest. A dark story surrounding it. Do you dare to enter and know the truth...? This map has a story with two endings. I invite you to find out how it truly ends :)

Creator: Juan Arrabal MC Version: 1.7.10 (Java)
Date Added: 2014-08-26 Downloads: 118,848
(240 votes)
File Size: 2.6 MB

Darker Depths


You are a victim of a boating accident a few years after a huge war. You wash up on an island, with a conveniently placed bunker from the war.

Creator: sonicfan0001 MC Version: 1.7.10 (Java)
Date Added: 2014-08-24 Downloads: 51,971
(199 votes)
File Size: 22 MB
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