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Created by Skimantor

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=Titan - Minecraft Horror Map=

Your name is Jonas Rivera. You and your 3 brothers decided to head out to your favorite bar for your 19th birthday party. After getting drunk, a mysterious crime occurs and everyone in the bar is slaughtered expect you in an outrage massacre committed by 3 robust men. You wake up in a building known as Titan, an abandoned testing facility with a corrupt history, but of course you don't know that, everything last night was a blur and it your only objective is 2 words: Get Out.

Rules: Using commands is not allowed. This is considered cheating. Please do not play in multiplayer, as the map is not designed for it. This will prevent some of the command blocks from working. Do not destroy blocks unless you are allowed to. Certain tools may grant you permission, but you can only use it to destroy a maximum of 2 blocks!

Game Requirements

Please use the following settings in-game:

  • Master Volume: 100%
  • Smooth Lightin: Maximum
  • Weather: 50%
  • Music: OFF! PLEASE!


Map Details

Creator: Skimantor
(309 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14
Size: 52.53 MB
Added: 2019-06-22
Downloads: 31,090
Category: Horror Maps


0 Little Lychee I love this map and appreciate the effort put into it! I look forward to playing more of your maps soon.

2021-07-31 23:54

+3 IceKnight This is good, especially the fact it is your first. Now there are a few thing to improve on but overall this was a hell of a lot of fun to play on.

2019-07-15 05:16

+26 david is there a texture pack i need to use

2019-07-14 11:47

-17 me I dont want to hate and its your first map but u HAVE to be isn survival and is bad but beacouse is ur first map is amazing for dat

2019-07-08 03:24

+3 Skimantor Quoting zennyo:
Can be played multi?
pls yes, pls yes, pls yes

No, no and no. I'm very sorry.

2019-07-07 21:54

+6 zennyo Can be played multi?
pls yes, pls yes, pls yes

2019-07-06 04:22

-6 yeetpimple I think ill enjoy this map

2019-07-04 14:34

-7 Stef Hello, can you write to me here for business stuff?

2019-07-02 11:54

+3 Skimantor You guys can put up your brightness if you want. That is a part I need to fix, along with the books and how they are sometimes cut off each page.

2019-06-27 13:49

-5 Lost So far this has been great, I've even got spooked a time or two. But right now I'm confused. How do I continue forward from the big dark room after the bed area?

2019-06-26 17:03

-2 Coling035 great game but i got cunfused intil i got like 2 jumpscares and the map is pretty dark

2019-06-25 23:43

+9 JustJah Texture pack??

2019-06-25 06:15

-1 SeriousCraft i enjoyed playing, but what difference between smooth lighting minimum and maximum?

2019-06-23 07:27

-2 GGameStijn Maybe a few things you could improve but, very cool map, can't wait for the second one!

2019-06-22 22:51

0 StewBeef I decided to look into this map, as a fan of the horror genre, and I don't know how I can really feel about it all that much. Granted, it's leading in the right place - don't get me wrong. The atmosphere of the map in general is well developed; would like to see maybe some more custom sounds to help with the subject. The only real scare that I had was when the map first loaded up after leaving the lobby because I just wasn't expecting it, so props for that. The story telling, from the books (even while being lazy) that I found, were kinda all over the place and just led to even more questions. Why is this? Because the background of the area that the story is taking place, within the books, was trying to build something only to lead to something lack luster or just make no sense at all. Which threw me off more than the actual game play did. Without a clear path on what you're looking for or objectives it just makes it even more bothersome than it really is. And I turned up my brightness when needed to help search for things. Would love to see more on this, maybe? But with a little more of a worked out story that helps you along with the game. I would recommend people to download the map and try it out for themselves. For my personal review, and taking in the fact this was your first horror map (while not being familiar with any of your other works if there are), I see the potential and say this to you... work on it, and keep at it. You'll hit the sweet spot sure enough.

2019-06-22 19:36


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