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Created by NateT_Bird

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▶Important Information◀

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Map name: Krampus
Map author: NateT_Bird (https://www.youtube.com/user/NateTBird)
Map download: https://www.minecraftmaps.com/horror-maps/krampus

▶Map Description◀

This map is part of the Map Advent Calendar. A special holiday event comprising 24 maps, one everyday until Christmas.

Krampus is part of German tradition. In Germany if you are a bad child a devil named Krampus will come and torture you. But if you are a good child Saint Nicholas will come and give you a treat. This map is based on the story of Krampus. I sure hope you were a good child.

Explore your home while Krampus haunts you. The game ends after you have been haunted enough.

Best played with: 1 player

Average play time: 10-15 minutes

▶Server Settings◀

If playing on a server, delete the “resources.zip” from the world save file and set the following in the server.properties:


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Map Details

Creator: NateT_Bird
(573 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.8
Size: 9 MB
Added: 2015-12-14
Downloads: 28,466
Category: Horror Maps


Stoyer Hey dude yeah thats true
.. but im not sure yet

2019-07-31 14:49

pivotmaker 99 I don't want to sound stupid... But how do i spawn to that specific area? I haven't done a spawn command before... Do I just search how on YT?

2018-08-07 12:22

volimpizzu8 i love this map becuase is short and not too scary, just howi like it

2017-03-21 10:50

MrKisiel Not scary, no goal, short. Good concept but map is bad. 5 minutes of gameplay and monster everywhere, it's not fun. 2/10

2016-12-23 19:02

MAPS R MY LIFE Map was very short. Good concept/bad map

2016-08-07 16:09

k so boring and not scary me and my cousin played this kept going in circles and boom krampus boom etc. worst map so far

2016-07-13 16:37

Ellen It had a good idea, I wish it had gone more in depth with it.
Maybe there could have been puzzles you could have solved to defeat Krampus, or you can go back in time to fix whatever it was that you did that caused Krampus to come instead of Santa.
It has a lot of potential.

As it was, it was very repetitive and got rather boring.
Oh look, Krampus jumped out.
Oh, you're gonna punish and torture me 'cause I'm naughty?
I think looking at you fits that just fine.

2016-05-31 01:04

Zsauer https://youtu.be/wI5w9aWCJDY Watch my lets play on it for a lot of reactions, not too great with scary things! Map lasted only about 6 minutes but it was still fun!

2016-05-06 13:22

DDDZO great map, not too scary and not too boring, was fun but sadly its so short, why not make a second part to it?

2016-04-29 22:28

Pizzasmart Hi! I made a video of this! Check it here:


I didn't really like the ending...

2016-02-17 23:39

Crusher King Hello! We are the Crusher Kings and we played this map! It was a little short but we had a ton of fun! Check it out for a good laugh & spook :)


2016-02-09 01:31

Sparkles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1QRA7GMaYM Here`s my video`s link , check it ;) This map little bit too short ... But I like it !

2016-01-27 15:58

SurpriseCyko Here's my video on this map! I think I'm funny...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcIBLqPQ66U

Great map btw!

2016-01-20 16:43

ThePrinceofSha I played the map and it was delightfully spooky! What a lovely Christmas map!
I recorded it if anyone is interested!


2015-12-29 05:31

DoctorWho4224 It scared me a few times and then the game ended I liked it I saw the movie and it was good to great map overall

2015-12-25 17:51

PureSoulGamer Great map! Gave a quick scare, but came repetitive after a while and lost its effect. But if you want a map that is a quick play and a quick scare, then this is it for the Christmas season! Made a playthrough of the map incase anyone wants to see me pee myself and almost break my mic from the screams. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbrVCQQT6AY

2015-12-24 16:48

Sumalinara Did you all knew that the Krampus only belongs to the Free State of Bavaria and not to whole germany?

Since I live in Saxony I know that the Krampus only belongs to the traditions from Bavaria just like the Oktoberfest, Lederhosen (leather pants) and dirndl dress which you won´t fin in any of the other areas in germany. :)

2015-12-22 14:10

RareTnt Enjoyed recording on this horror map amazing job! Keep up the great work :)! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FE7EwFbII6Q

2015-12-20 21:13

ktmh96 I made a video playing this map, check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0n9Ptc83Tfc

2015-12-20 05:27

MissMoniek Awesome map :D A bit short, but still awesome :D
see playthrough here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gjQqsKsoHc

2015-12-18 20:35

thedeluxe74 Hey Nate Just want to say great job on the map. I also just got done recording my video of me playing it, I will link the video as soon as I get it edited and uploaded here is a ink to my channel though if you want to check out my other videos: www.youtube.com/user/MrDeluxe74

Also I would like to know when your other maps come out so here is my skype: thedeluxe74
and my email-

If you can please drop me a message on one of those about new maps and feedback on my videos of your maps it be greatly appreciated.

2015-12-18 18:27

Daniel There aren't very many GOOD horror maps out there so this was one of the better ones

2015-12-18 15:42

Wiwiman It was a scary map, but not groundbreaking. The voice acting was not good, except for Krampus, he was really good.

It's not the best horror map i've played but it sure has a few scares and it's short which is good for new horror map players.

2015-12-17 22:09

NightWarrior Fantastic map this map isnt to scary and the good voice acting!

2015-12-17 18:14

kombo_raif i was told to put my volumes up to hear you more easier.
Worst descision of my life, you'r Krampus voice literally gave me a heart attack all the time xD
this is the first horror map tht managed to jumpscare me so much

2015-12-16 17:52

Stoyer Its has a very good atmosphere,nice voiceplay and the jumpscares are awesome all in all:a very good horror map

2015-12-16 15:17

Boredyx I know this isn not what you want to read but yeah. Il go.

This map is very well made. The clickable signs, sounds and the voices are overall great.
The problem is with the map. Its not scary. Every know and then a devil pops out of no where, says something creepy and hits you once. the dissapears. This happens in intervals.

Othervise this map i greatly made and the (spoiler) Mirror jump scare got me.

2015-12-15 16:25

JMPhase Nice map, very scary but lots of fun :D

2015-12-15 14:45

Gremiosun too many jumpscare map :)

2015-12-15 11:48

NateT_Bird Quoting KingDarren7203:
Is this based on the movie?

No. It is based on what my high school German teacher taught me. ;)

2015-12-15 04:28

Myst Xtreme I did enjoy this map, and the voice acting!

Did a Let's Play!

2015-12-15 00:49

KingDarren7203 Is this based on the movie?

2015-12-14 20:18

NeoMc This is listed as a horror map, but in reality it is actually kinda funny.

2015-12-14 19:19

BhunaBoy Nice :-)

2015-12-14 16:12


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