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Contracted Wolf

Created by Eline_Los

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The loss of someone's soul is painful for you. Unfortunately, the lost soul was scattered in the unknown forest, and five of the six objects carried part of the soul.

This is a contract written to you by the hell land waiter, It's just that this contract goes against Azrael.

What you're going to do is fulfill the contract, go to the world and find the five items, and that your ability is limited, and you need to find your own food to appease your hunger.

Who is the person who took the soul of that person, and when you have collected the items that need to be collected, the contract will let you know who he is and take his soul to make up for his fault.

But there are still ghosts in this unknown forest, trapped by Azrael.

You're just a contracted wolf, and in the event of an accident, the contract will fail.

This map is the first map of this author (Eline_Los), bug all have been repaired, but if you have any suggestions on this map, you are welcome to speak with the comment area .

Attentions in game:

  • Make sure your computer broadcast device is turned on, all sound settings in the game are turned on (note that "music" is %"0), and that the sound is not too small.
  • Adjust the light in the game to "darkest", and maximize the particle effect in the game, and adjust the view of the game to "70" to" wide angle ".
  • Note that the graphics "option is changed to" Fancy ", and the view bobbing" is changed to "ON".

Warning: the map is depressing and scary.

--The map creator ---------Eline_Los

Map Details

Creator: Eline_Los
(94 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 48.3 MB
Added: 2020-08-20
Downloads: 2,800
Category: Horror Maps


-1 REKA_ bro is it multiplayer?

2021-08-22 04:23

+1 wrenby yes pretty good stuff

2021-06-07 03:46


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