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Zombie Warriors II

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Zombie Warriors is a minigame in which you lead an army of zombies. You have to capture bases and finally the enemies headquarters to win. There are many battles. Zombie Warriors can be played in singleplayer against the map or in multiplayer against each other.

It is also possible to fight against the map together in multiplayer. There are many different types of bases and other things on the 10+ different battlegrounds. Your army consists of muliple different zombies (Warrior, General, Pyro, Tempest, Thunder, Bomber & many more).

With each battle new features get introduced. Also part of this map is a gold system. You earn gold with successful attacks of your army and you can spend your gold to e.g. hire new zombies.

But just fighting battles is not all you can do in this map! There is also a War Mode in which you try to control all lands, by fighting many battles.
There is also a Simulation Mode which is absolutely accurate. Part of the map are also a Challenge and a Sandbox mode.

If you find any bugs please inform me. This map was created by McTsts, EnderPig built most of the battlefields and one battlefield was created by Schraggi. Troller4Ever also built 2 battlefields and made the mechanics for it.

This is a better version of my old maps 'Minecraft Warriors' & 'Zombie Warriors'. Enjoy!


  • Lead a army of Zombies
  • 9 Battlefields + 8 Bonus Battle
  • 15+ types of Zombies
  • Gold system
  • Other entitys like Endermite, Snowgolem and Tribe Warrior join the battle too
  • Hireable Warriors, like Tribe Warrior or Eagle Warrior
  • Player vs. Map or Player vs. Player
  • Singelplayer or muliplayer (1+ Players)
  • Complicated Mulitplayer Lobby
  • Choose a team (Red or Blue)
  • Each battle introduces new features
  • Automatic reset
  • Custom Weapons, like Scythes, Battleaxes and Daggers
  • Tons of Weapons with special abilities
  • Armory & Dungeons
  • Loot System
  • Challenge mode with challenging battles
  • War mode
  • Fight many battles to win wars
  • Simulation mode
  • Simulate battles
  • Sandbox mode
  • Fight against team gold & green too!
  • Custom models!
  • Custom AI for zombies!
  • Use portals on the Ravine battlefield
  • Improved mechanics
  • Control deitys on the olympus battlefield
  • Custom Textures


You can use ALL the music in YT videos if they ARENT monetized. If you are planning to monetize it, I advise turning sounds off.

All the music in this map is either royalty free or created by me. That means you can use that music in unmonetized Videos, too!


This is a map created by

  • McTsts,
  • EnderPig,
  • Troller4Ever
  • Schraggi

Tested also by

  • GoldenMinecart636
  • ShaneTheFox

Additional Info

Full information on the gamemodes and pictures of the map can be found on the Minecraft Forum Thread.


2016-11-18 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: McTsts external
(624 votes)
Map Version: v1.4.1
Minecraft Version: 1.10.2
File Size: 83 MB
Date Added: 2016-11-18
Downloads: 19,807
Map Category: Game Maps

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