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Created by Bertiecrafter

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All I can say is: SLITHER.IO + MC = SLYTHER.IO

The map is fully multiplayer compatible, it uses an ID system, meaning that over 2 BILLION different players could join.

And just a little warning: Items are used as the circles for gaining mass and armorstands for the snake parts, meaning that you need to have "a beefy computer" to render/load all the entities. The lag can kill the game.


  • A leaderboard.
  • A new, fancy map.
  • Turn snake with a big turning curve (no instant turn).
  • Move snake slow or with boost.
  • Snakes die when they touch other snakes, or when they travel outside the border.
  • When a snake collides with another snake, the snake will explode with fireworks and drop it's mass!
  • Custom death messages.
  • Random spawning of random coloured wool, used to gain mass.
  • You can choose the amount of items.
  • You can choose the size of the map.
  • Although almost unlimited people could join at the same time, they can choose between 6 colours!


You are free to make a server out of this, as long as you give me credit! (Don't remove sign and skull).


Please mail me at in case you recorded playing a game on this map (including channel name and link to the video).

Also you have to place a link to this page and my IGN (Bertiecrafter) in the description of the video!


Because of technical limitations (how detailed I could go, without making minecraft crash), you will die when you come within 2 blocks of a snake.


I am aware that mineplex has a similar game, but this map is different:

  • You have way more items, that mean less to the length of the snake.
  • The snakes will actually drop it's mass when they get destroyed.
  • The game isn't ending when there is only one person left.

Map Details

Creator: Bertiecrafter
(161 votes)
Version: 2.0
MC Version: 1.9.2
Size: 619 KB
Added: 2016-05-09
Downloads: 9,670
Category: Game Maps


0 Herobrinetin Quoting Herobrinetin:
How do you boost?
Sorry if this is a stupid question xD! I just can't figure it out :-(

Never mind, xD! It was in the how to play thing! All I have to do is drop the RED stained glass pain to TOGGLE boosting!
By the way, I found a bug with boosting. Even if you are below 10 mass, if you spam the boost, you can actually get below 10 mass.
Another bug I found is SOMETIMES, when I get in a minecart to start, it just removes the minecart and then I'm trapped forever down there...
until it kills me or I sneak. However, I don't think it's your redstone/comman d blocks, I think it's a Minecraft bug because if I sneak, all of a sudden I'm there and dead.

2017-10-09 14:26

0 Herobrinetin How do you boost?
Sorry if this is a stupid question xD! I just can't figure it out :-(

2017-10-07 05:07

0 SwagFan2004 Quoting Techpig57:
I'd like to see a Minecraft that would be interesting, and perhaps you could make a server so people can play together wherever they are.

Sethbling made that a while ago, but without the split function.

2016-09-17 23:06

+1 Random Hi. So the game crashes when I'm on 1.9 yet it doesn't crash on 1.8.9. Can u fix this? I am a fan of and I'd love to be able to play without my minecraft crashing

2016-06-03 11:29

+1 0PG0 Cool map, although, I had some trouble with the multiplayer function. Maybe you have some tips to get it to work? I could go, but my friend could not move once he was on the map. All in all though, I love it!

2016-05-19 22:23

0 Bertiecrafter of course this is multiplayer, custom bots or computer controlled snakes are impossible for me.
Also, I can't help that optifine hides the FOV setting :/

I found that I forgot to set the proper scoreboard to display on the side, to display the leaderboard:
/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar Mass

2016-05-13 19:01

0 OctopusOli Wow! Outstanding map dude, 9 or 10/10 definitely!!! Amazing with multiplayer and works just like the actual game. I'm sure a hell of a lot of people are looking for something like this after playing Single player would be cool, but it kinda destroys the point and A.I would be very hard to make I guess so it's fine without. Seriously, you've done well! :D

2016-05-11 21:02

-5 NavMC Such a dumb map. Everytime my friend touches me I died even if it should be the one who touches me. Fix this or it will be deleted.

2016-05-11 04:17

+1 Techpig57 I'd like to see a Minecraft that would be interesting, and perhaps you could make a server so people can play together wherever they are.

2016-05-10 12:53

-6 Androo Is this only for multiplayer? Because if it is then I look stupid just because I played this map in singleplayer xD. This map made me confused also in the rules because I cant find the Quake Pro thing even if I'm in the normal version because I'm using optifine. BUT, if you improved the game a little bit better maybe add one for singleplayers, then I would rate this map like 9/10. So, for now... I would rate it 5/10 Really sorry. And even this happened to me, I know that you are great at doing this kind of maps especially because there are tons of command blocks. Better Luck Next Time!

2016-05-10 08:57


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