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Created by NeoMc

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*Note* This map is not super duper crazy advanced! It is more of a concept I wanted to build in between larger maps.

Seems like you accidentally wandered into a laser testing facility while looking for the grocery store! No worries, they are all powered off right? RIGHT? Oh dear, seems like you are in quite the pickle.

Test your inner clutch dodging skills as you try to avoid the beams of pure death energy. You can play by yourself for high scores (but where is the fun and competition in that?!) or you can play head-to-head against any number of friends to make things more interesting! Will you be able to survive the laser-pocalypse?


It is possible that the map may contain a bug! If so, please report it to the "Bug-Fixing" reddit here! Be sure to check you are in the right version of Minecraft while playing this map (1.9.4)! Be sure that you are clear when reporting a bug to help me find and fix it without hassle!

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Map by NeoMc
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Map by NeoMc!

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Creator: NeoMc
(417 votes)
Version: 0.1
MC Version: 1.9.4
Size: 1.45 MB
Added: 2016-08-21
Downloads: 10,209
Category: Game Maps

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0 Simon I think it's incredibly easy, it's a nice game, but not challenging, it's not bad but 3 stars.

2016-09-18 00:10

0 RTBFrebel so much fun great map

2016-09-12 23:36

+2 CartoonADICTZ I made a video of me playing this map. You can go check it out here :)
Pls show some support ;)

2016-09-11 10:57

-4 CartoonADICTZ I played it on my channel! My channel is called CartoonADICTZ, the video will be uploaded soon

2016-09-11 10:17

-3 EnderGamer5665 Hey guys. I have made an awesome review of this map.
check it out at SUB AND LIKE.

2016-09-05 23:49

-3 fazlic Cool map, played it on my channel

Check it out !
Video :

2016-08-27 17:02

+2 boom34z This game is so fun! I have not tried with more than myself, but it is a really great game!

2016-08-24 17:04


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