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Lava Race

Created by HADuke

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Map Info:
Can you be the first of your friends to escape your own platform tower and reach the surface?

1.) Each player starts on a 4x4 platform that is 6 blocks deep. The bottom layer is bedrock and the outer sides are bedrock.

2.) Each platform is surrounded by lava.

3.) Platforms are at LEAST 6 blocks a part so that players can not shoot one another too early into the game.

4.) Each platform has a chest on it that consists of the following items:
4 wheat seeds
2 oak saplings
64 bonemeal
2 chicken spawn eggs
1 READ ME book
1 bed (Players are instructed to place the bed and sleep in it ASAP to set their home spot in the event of their accidental death.)

5.) The object of the game is to be the first player to build their way up to the surface and escape.

6.) The player that escapes first is not necessarily the winner however. Once reaching the surface, there will be a floating altar waiting for them. The altar has 25 chests spread around it, and inside these chests they will find TONS of great items to help prepare them to battle against other players who reach the top, or for them to go after the other players still below.

7.) Now this player must go and kill the remaining players to win the game.

8.) The final surviving player is the victor.

Extra rules:
If a player dies by starvation, falling into lava, or other means BEFORE another player reaches the surface, they are allowed to respawn on their own platform and continue playing.

Once the first player reaches the platform and recovers 'The End Games' book, all deaths from that point on will officially remove the deceased player from the game. The last player left alive will be victorious.

The surface is surrounded by bedrock. Players can reach the surface and build whatever they like while they await other players to reach it. Players must be careful not to dig too deep at the surface however, because they can fall back into 'Hell' and die.

Players can construct anything that they desire while trying to reach the surface. They may construct weapons, tools, etc. They may also mine the blocks underneath their platform in hopes of finding useful materials to help them even futher.

NO creative mode. NO spawning items. And NO teleporting. Also no breaking ANY blocks at spawn, ANY glowstone blocks, or ANY quartz blocks.

Good luck and have fun!

- HADuke

Map Details

Creator: HADuke
(17 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.5.2
Size: 15 MB
Added: 2013-05-26
Downloads: 28,192
Category: Game Maps


+13 Deadlox If your friends are in your LAN, turn on LAN and play, but if not you just at least create some sort of server, i would't recommend hamachi but it may help you, we personally use our own computers as servers.:)

2013-07-04 01:33

0 REECE i want to do a game of this for youtube with my friends but how do I get this if I have no server.?

2013-06-01 17:53


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