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Created by CDFDMAN

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Map Info
Have you ever wanted to buy lavish homes? Be the CEO of a major company? Buy Firework shows for your friends to gaze upon in envy?

Inc.craft is a revolutionary mini-game in Minecraft that gives players money, intelligence, and a limited amount of time each day to accomplish their goals and to outrank their friends.

With 4 levels of housing, unlimited money to earn, and 9 job positions to strive for; Inc.craft offers hours of gameplay with up to 4 people. This map can also be enjoyed in single player.

Will you rise to the coveted position of CEO at Inc.? Will you beat your friends to it? Time is ticking. Who will you become?

THIS MAP IS MADE FOR 1.5.2 SERIOUSLY 1.5 (It's old okay..)

This is my first map that I made public on the MC forums. It's not amazing but is interesting in my opinion. Read the "read me" for the rules and info on the map.

The map sets everything up for you, but if you don't spawn in the subway, fly out of the map to a large sandstone with tripwire platform and fall into it!

Thanks for all the support guys, I do this just for you! - CDFDMAN.

(1.8 coming out soon... guess I should start on Lift 9) 

Map Details

Creator: CDFDMAN
(30 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.5.2
Size: 722 KB
Added: 2014-09-03
Downloads: 24,941
Category: Game Maps


0 Blazekid7 Everyone having trouble with not getting hours all you have to do is go to gamemode 1 (creative) and fly to the sandstone box and drop in. It should work after that. Your welcome :)

2015-10-03 20:40

+1 Abby5577 Quoting doodcreeperreal:
i spawned and i have 0 hours. i thought i may need to sleep so i did that but that also didnt work :(

The same happened to me, I just found a bunch of the secret chests and slept a few times for the money, bought the cheapest house, and I got hours.

2015-07-13 16:24

+1 doodcreeperreal i spawned and i have 0 hours. i thought i may need to sleep so i did that but that also didnt work :(

2015-06-22 18:25

0 Kopi Great map me and my brother enjoyed playing it in the new update please make the city bigger! And add pets and some sort of age and family system and houses with multiple bedrooms and different types of jobs (like office worker, architect, etc) each for different intelligence and money Overall: BIGGER AND BETTER!

2015-06-21 22:23

-1 steven8200 How do I get blocks to build in the big areas in the INC. Headquarters

2015-05-03 03:27

-1 TheMo Quoting Terry_Jackster:
just wondering where do u sleep if homeless?
I ended up breaking into a house to sleep!

There is a small passage between the small houses and the library, you won't like it, but there are beds...

2015-03-17 09:06


I was parkouring around and found the way out to the boundaries i found a fountain and went on top of it and found a key. Use the key in the subway to get creative mode :D

2015-02-18 03:50

-1 KingBranBran To make money for a house, i robbed the bank and in jail, i kept getting my daily money!

2015-02-18 03:34

-1 Caden Hello is it possible to play this WITHOUT 1.5.2 but I mean FUTURE versions?

2015-02-16 22:17

0 Judeman222 I'm completely addicted to this map you did such an amazing job thank you!

2015-01-19 05:22

+2 mychal092432 Im having a strange glitch where I cant do anything I cant go in my house (I had to break down the door) I slept and it was night time still when I go outside I don't get any hours can someone plz help

2015-01-12 01:27

0 guest 5034 How much intelligence do I need to rob the bank? Great map, by the way.

2014-12-18 18:20

-1 AmandaApple Really exciting map! Great job!

2014-12-13 12:07

-1 azbenten I was wondering, in the map do you start as a child? (I know that is not the case, but could you add that in please? And maybe a system with parents, and age systems, and stuff that you could find in mods?)

2014-11-19 23:55

+2 Jaydog1320 Very Entertaining! I enjoy playing it with my brother on LAN. But what do we do if we are both in Jail and can't get out? Please let me know. We have had to cheat out of jail, because we are trapped. Thank you and again, GREAT map!

2014-11-18 21:24

-1 pangoo209 I've played nearly all of your maps, and loved all of them, and this one is deffinitely no exception. Great job!

(A sequel/updated version would be amazing, btw, and i can't wait for lift 9.)

2014-11-12 01:47

+3 Terry_Jackster just wondering where do u sleep if homeless?
I ended up breaking into a house to sleep!

2014-10-26 10:05

0 KurtGamerzz I love the server I'm the CEO now and I already bought the estate but not the fireworks,And in the town hall i always Fart xD

2014-10-12 10:03

+4 KurtGamerzz I came out of the World and i saw the key to the door and i put it on the train station then i saw a hidden room with furniture and i saw a chest and there was a ring in it what do that ring do?

2014-10-12 08:44

+1 KurtGamerzz Nice Map CDFMAN I already earn 1000 Intelligence and I already bought the Estate but not the Fire Works XD.Please make it bigger and please add Strength and Charm for other jobs I really Love it

2014-10-12 08:14

+2 Snenderbender Love it! This map is surprisingly good. I'm having a blast playing it with a friend. I think you should update it and make it a little bigger and better. I also think you should add another way to get intelligence since it's kind of hard.
And it would be cool if you had other people to interact with in the game.

2014-10-08 18:17

+2 ♔SketchPlays♔ Love this map! Make a sequel or a updated version! I can help to make it to a 1.7.2-1.7.10 map! Just visit my channel and we cant talk about it. Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOR9VbzqBF6zavPz_5-U20g
:) So yeah just message me there. :) I really want to play it for my channel! :)

2014-09-25 21:49

+1 Fire This map is awesome can you please make a big and better one please

2014-09-10 08:46

+1 Fire This map is awesome can you make a bigger and better map please

2014-09-10 08:44

+10 CDFDMAN Quoting kennysp33:
Hey! I play all of your maps and this one looks awesome... But I think you should really update it to the latest versions :p

Yeah I really should... or make a sequel...

2014-09-09 04:54

+5 kennysp33 Hey! I play all of your maps and this one looks awesome... But I think you should really update it to the latest versions :p

2014-09-08 11:56


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