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Ghast Blast: It Came From Above

Created by parad0x

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Map Info:
'Ghast Blast: It came from above' is a redesigned version of the original Ghast Blast maps. This map includes more TNT, a decorated arena, a better spawn, and what everyone wanted: more Ghasts!

Now, I must note that I only added 2 more Ghasts into the game. Any more than that and all the Ghasts die too easily.

If you are new to Ghast Blast, you do not have to play any of the previous maps before this. There is no story plot in any of the maps, and this map is a much improved version of the previous ones.

How the game works:

2+ players (The more there are the better it is) equipped with armor and food enter the arena. When the game starts, Ghasts will spawn near the roof and start shooting fireballs down at the players below.

Your goal is to dodge the fireballs, causing them to start burrowing a hole into the ground. You need them to blow a hole all the way to the bottom, where the end room is. The first person to press the button in the end room wins!


All of the game rules are in the map, but here are some important ones to remember:

  • Play on easy/normal/hard difficulty. Its your choice.
  • Enable command blocks or a lot of the map features wont work.
  • Do not break blocks.
  • Do not punch other players.
  • Do not deflect Ghast fireballs
  • This map was built in 1.7.9, but the map should still work fine when 1.8 comes out.

Feel free to make record yourself playing this map and post is on youtube. I always search for ones to watch. Also, if there is a problem with the map, please let me know! I can easily make an update to the map if anything is broken.

And finally, I would like to thank all the YouTubers who played my map last Ghast Blast maps.


Map Details

Creator: parad0x
(22 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.7
Size: 265 KB
Added: 2014-08-02
Downloads: 16,811
Category: Game Maps


+2 PieNinjaProductions Hello, I have had a few bugs/problems with the map, and i want to do a video on it! First, i'm on hard, and i followed the instructions, but when i spawn the ghasts they just sit there, and don't attack, so i have to go into creative, hit them, and go into survival. Also, in multiplayer, the Ghasts will only target ME, and my friend is just sitting there with nothing attacking him. Am i doing something wrong?

2014-12-31 00:07

+1 block_boy2 I remember when 1.0 was uploaded... loved it. Then there was a sequel. Now there's this. I feel like i need to make an islands 3.0 because of you teaching me to be persistent on publishing maps. GB has had quite a life. I kinda wanna do that myself with my signature map.

2014-09-02 22:35

+4 parad0x Quoting xavious:
one of the ghasts flew down and the other ghasts killed it and other ghast suffucated

That is one of the things that happens when everybody requests more ghasts. As long as 4 of the ghasts stay alive the game should work just fine.

2014-08-21 20:09

+4 xavious one of the ghasts flew down and the other ghasts killed it and other ghast suffucated

2014-08-21 18:14

+6 Minecraft Greengrex Looks cool If I can get my server working me and Henry will play this :D

2014-08-20 19:21

+7 Halen Peterson Very excited for this map! this website is amazing! I love minecraft maps!

2014-08-08 00:09

+4 A youtuber The Best Game Ever hope Another one comes out XD

2014-08-03 20:30

+5 PhantomOfMinecraf Hey Andrew! CONGRATS! THIS IS AWESOME! Hope a lot of famous youtubers play it! Still can't believe I was the first to upload it! :D Well, anyways see ya! .P.S. THE MAP IS AMAZING!

2014-08-03 07:28


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