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Created by NeoMc

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In Blockionary, your goal is to build your given word as quickly and precisely as you can so somebody can guess it! The builder is awarded points based on how quickly a player guessed it!

  • 60-90 Seconds: 3 points
  • 30-60 Seconds: 2 points
  • 1-30 Seconds: 1 point

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Note: The player building will be given a book. If a player guesses your word, quickly open the book and click the check-mark next to the guesser's name!


A round (as shown on the board) consists of all players building once.

It is possible that the map may contain a bug! If so, please report it to the "Bug-Fixing" reddit here! Be sure to check you are in the right version of Minecraft while playing this map!


Map by NeoMc


Special thanks to iWacky for for helping design a few neat parkours for the map! Twitter


Map Details

Creator: NeoMc
(226 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 792 KB
Added: 2017-04-13
Downloads: 6,066
Category: Game Maps

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thienbao860 I'm having trouble with the map because in multiplayer mode, we tried to guessed it, even if the word we sent in chat right, the game itself does not working

2018-06-15 13:59

Monarch I would like to use this world in a realms server but it only loads us to the area with all the command blocks. the game also will not run. Is there a setting to fix this? I also do not have Reddit

spawn point -45.5/1.0-40.5

2017-05-24 02:56

NeoMc Quoting Tyler:
I found a bug in the game. I got this message:
Sorry I don't have a reddit.

Got it, I will work on pushing out a quick band-aid fix

2017-04-14 02:30

Tyler I found a bug in the game. I got this message:
Sorry I don't have a reddit.

2017-04-13 23:10


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