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Minecraft Finding Maps

The finding genre of maps was born from a map called Find the Button. The main mechanic is to find something hidden with the map. It's usually a button that you press to proceed to the next level.


Mining Adventure  

This is a map where you'll have to find some things in a mine. For example iron, gold and so on. In the mines you can find dungeons, ravines and a little bit more!

Creator: TheScrimsKnight MC Version: 1.14.3
Date Added: 2019-07-28 Downloads: 2,348
(25 votes)
Comments: 5

Find The Button: Biomes  updatepic

Find the button that takes you to the next level passing through several biomes!

Creator: Kozmyn17 MC Version: 1.16.5
Date Added: 2019-07-28 Downloads: 4,882
(47 votes)
Comments: 12

Trivia Search  

This map brings trivia to a whole new level. In this find-the-button style map, you have to find both the questions and the answers to them to win! Categories of questions include minecraft, science and geography. Do you think you can answer all questions correctly?

Creator: PurpleStriped MC Version: 1.14.3
Date Added: 2019-07-11 Downloads: 3,322
(45 votes)
Comments: 5

Find the Button: Misdirection  

Looking for a FUN yet CHALLENGING Find the Button map? Let's put your skills to the test!

Creator: Im Navyy MC Version: 1.13.2
Date Added: 2019-07-06 Downloads: 7,119
(62 votes)
Comments: 26

Xtreme Puzzel  

Find Switches, find buttons, find a way out.

Creator: HaroonX MC Version: 1.14.2
Date Added: 2019-07-01 Downloads: 3,362
(36 votes)
Comments: 5

Yet Another Find The Button  

Yet Another Find The Button! 25 Levels, 9 Worlds, Get Points, Hint and Surrender! You can play this map in Singleplayer or Multiplayer!

Creator: ZexKy MC Version: 1.14.3
Date Added: 2019-06-26 Downloads: 10,400
(56 votes)
Comments: 16

Another Youtuber Find The Button  

This is a Find the Button Map. It contains 12 levels containing 12 different Youtubers. The levels get harder but everything is possible. This is my first ever map, have fun.

Creator: WerewolfZombie MC Version: 1.14.1
Date Added: 2019-06-26 Downloads: 3,973
(28 votes)
Comments: 8

Find The Button: Dimensions 2  

This is Find the Button: Dimensions 2, a part 2 to my Find the Button: Dimensions series! This map consists of 9 levels, and just as last time, you should watch out for false buttons as well. My last request is that you have fun, and enjoy the map. 

Creator: Mr. CrazyKid MC Version: 1.14.2
Date Added: 2019-06-12 Downloads: 7,975
(66 votes)
Comments: 19

The 10 Buttons  

This is a find the button map for 1.12.2. It will become progressively more challenging as you go on, so stay determined! This is co-op friendly.

Creator: Aidan P MC Version: 1.12.2
Date Added: 2019-06-07 Downloads: 5,854
(77 votes)
Comments: 12

Trion II: Find The Button  

This is a find the button map with 10 unique themed levels. 2 Easy, 3 Normal, 3 Hard, 2 Insane.

Creator: Shyphoenix01 MC Version: 1.14.1
Date Added: 2019-05-27 Downloads: 4,895
(45 votes)
Comments: 7
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