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Ultra Ultima Find The Button

Created by mrawesome236

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Map Info

This is a find the button map with 10 levels. In each level there will be a hidden button which you must find, and press to move on.

There will also be a diamond in each level that you must collect and put in an enderchest. If you fail to do so, Your diamond shall disappear.

This is mainly for people who have already played many find the button maps, and is not recommended for beginners. Anyways, have fun and enjoy!


Map Details

Creator: mrawesome236
(51 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12
Size: 1.3 MB
Added: 2017-08-06
Downloads: 4,788
Category: Finding Maps


+3 MC Duelist Thanks for making the map. I played it and I found a few things that I am not sure if it was broken or if it was just me. Some things include the Diamond disappearing when going to the ender chest after going up the elevator on level 3, the cactus being 3 blocks high on level 6, and the red stone setup on level 9.

Here is the video:
My First Find The Button Map - Ultra Ultima Find The Button - Minecraft Downloaded Map:

2017-08-08 02:51

-1 BABOON yo messed up on stage 3 you cant hit the button

2017-08-06 21:47


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