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Trion II: Find The Button

Created by Shyphoenix01

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Map Info

This is a find the button map with 10 unique themed levels. 2 Easy, 3 Normal, 3 Hard, 2 Insane.

The Map Even comes with its own texture pack.

The levels get progressively harder as you go along.


  • Stay In Adventure
  • Stay In Normal
  • Dont Use Commands
  • Have Fun!


Map Details

Creator: Shyphoenix01
(45 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.14.1
Size: 20.7 MB
Added: 2019-05-27
Downloads: 4,918
Category: Finding Maps


+1 GabrielXYZ Pros: ?
Cons: I had to fix the redstone multiple times, in the nether there was no way into about 90% of the fortress, and there was noplace to put the button in the island level.
Conclusion: I did not like this map at all, it was poorly done and lacked creativity, the hints are also bad and often wrong.

2019-06-13 02:16

+2 Miles Ponivas is this map incomplete or something?

2019-06-10 01:23

0 Aaron Does this work on realms 1.14.2? I spawn outside the starting area on the flat grass platform

2019-05-31 06:34

0 crankymanpants I appreciate the effort you put into this map but a lot of the levels lack creativity and are just downright unfair. There's a lot of cool tricks you did but as the map goes on its just big almost empty boxes with parkour or a series of really unfair hiding locations, difficulty is good but too much makes the map dull when there isnt too much to look at (especially if you're just reusing vanilla villages and nether fortresses for levels). Also the last button in the nether fortress didn't work :(

2019-05-30 02:02

0 Thunder Gabe Amazing job once again dood! also thank you so much for including me in the map :D. Once again I was blown away with the scale and originality of your levels so good job! you can check my video out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc66fFpwurI&feature=youtu.be or by searching " Thunder Gabe Trion II: Find The Button " on youtube. I can't wait to see what map you make next!

2019-05-29 06:23

+3 Kana I really love this map, super fun and everyone should play it- super duper good

2019-05-27 20:12


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