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Torches 2: Island

Created by Nyllus

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Hi ! Today, AntoninBT, Lexare and myself are proud to introduce you our new map : « Torches 2 Island ».

The builds are awesome, jumps and traps are mean and torch searching is intense.

The concept is still the same as our first map: using your blaze rod, find as many redstone torches as you can within different levels!

According to the level, the amount of torches to find changes :

  • Levels 1 : 3 torches by level
  • Levels 2 : 10 torches by level
  • Level 3 : 40 torches to find for the last level

You don’t have to find all the torches to end a level anyway.

In order to find every torch, you’ll have to look in every little corner, achieve all the jumps and triumph enigmas.

Once you’ve found all the torches, you’ll have to place them in their circles in order to complete each level.

The map takes more than 2 hours to complete, I hope you will enjoy to suffer by playing our map !

Disclaimer: The map is in french but the concept is very easy to understand and there’s nothing much to read in our map. Sorry about that we’re french ❤


Map Details

Creator: Nyllus
(82 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12.2
Size: 4.56 MB
Added: 2017-12-22
Downloads: 2,903
Category: Finding Maps


-3 Alex Hey! How do you quit the level once you've found 2? Can't seem to move on from one level because of the third one.

2018-01-31 03:55

+9 Arazhul_hd I find this is very very nice

2018-01-23 16:01


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