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Puzzle the Button

Created by PuzzlePiez

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Map Info

This map contains 15 levels of finding or "puzzling" buttons. Watch out, there are also 5 books hidden for the bonus level code, which is a really hard level.

If you make a video of this map: no problem! (My Youtube-account is MixtotheMax, so these are my comments.)


  • Game mode survival.
  • Difficulty peaceful.
  • Break only wood with an axe, stone with a pickaxe, sand with a shovel and webs with a sword.
  • Remember the codes, they will disappear!

And the rest is in the game.


Map Details

Creator: PuzzlePiez
(14 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10
Size: 2.23 MB
Added: 2016-06-29
Downloads: 1,335
Category: Finding Maps


+1 SerranoPancake Great map overall. I love the multi-level mazes. Had a few issues in "The End" level. 1: I was not able to ride in the minecart at the beginning. The dispenser would shoot one out but I could not right click it to ride. Not sure if this was something with my game but I had to give myself a minecart and then I was able to ride it. 2: Once "The End" level was complete, I pushed the button and was teleported to -47 22 -62 which put me over the Void in the End. I died. Then spawned at the beginning of the minecart level. You should really set the spawn point at the beginning of each level for that level. So, I got back to "The End" level and checked the command blocks. Sure enough, the /tp command was set for -47 22 -62. I looked around and found the End Portal and the sign you put to jump in. The coordinates of the /tp command should be -10 65 39. Also the command block for the Title was wrong. it should be /title @p title {"text":"Congra tulations"}.
Other than that, the map was really fun! Good job

2016-07-08 19:46

+1 chiboom best map!!!!
plz. make another one

2016-06-29 06:40


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