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Get to the Button!

Created by Shartundra

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Hi, I'm Shartundra (pronounced shar-tundra), the creator of this map. This is my first mini map so please go easy on me and tell me if you liked it and what I could improve.

To complete each stage, you must find and get to the button (and then press it). Be aware that the button may not always be a button, it can be anything with a redstone output (pressure plate, lever, redstone torch, comparator, etc). Also, you can use /kill as much as you want.

This is a singleplayer map. Make sure you are playing in a version of 1,10. The levels progress from easy to hard. Some levels exploit bugs in 1.10. Play in Easy difficulty and gamemode 2 with moody brightness. Do not use shaders. Every level is possible.

Comment how you liked it and how to improve it (if you have made a video of the map please tell me). Thanks for playing and don't cheat!


Map Details

Creator: Shartundra
(46 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10.2
Size: 1.82 MB
Added: 2016-08-01
Downloads: 2,925
Category: Finding Maps


0 J&R Wolf Brothers We played this map and enjoyed it on our youtube channel

2016-09-05 14:29

0 Shartundra Quoting God Girl:
Ok for the 2nd one Idk what I am doing wrong???

Look by the path...

2016-08-04 17:26

0 God Girl Ok for the 2nd one Idk what I am doing wrong???

2016-08-03 19:50

0 Shartundra Quoting meat_Wagon22:
omg this is the best map evur!!

Quoting Jtel999:
pretty cool map 8/10

Thanks guys!

2016-08-03 19:31

+1 Jtel999 pretty cool map 8/10

2016-08-03 05:15

0 meat_Wagon22 omg this is the best map evur!!

2016-08-02 17:41


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