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Chunk Sized Find The Button

Created by DoudGeorges

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Map Info

Chunk Sized Find The Button is a map were you have to find all 8 hidden buttons in all 8 unique levels.

You must play in Minecraft 1.12.

This map can be played with 1 or more players.

You should play on peaceful or you might encounter slimes.

This is the perfect map for you if you want a little challenge.


Map Details

Creator: DoudGeorges
(234 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.12
Size: 1.1 MB
Added: 2017-06-28
Downloads: 10,032
Category: Finding Maps


+5 EpicMadBadger Great map, hope to see more from you!

Here is my playthrough on my channel :-)

2017-08-14 18:22

0 GermRage I did a little playthough of this map... and now I want to play some more! Epic work!

Check out the video If you want to!

2017-07-31 19:36

+1 Spoicee Boiee Is 1.12 the latest console update with the parrots and stuff?

2017-07-24 03:38

+1 RoboPlayer2K17 Good & Easy Map Dude! I really Liked this difficulty :D
But next, please do longer ;)

2017-07-15 11:25

0 nice map its good map but the problem is its easy
but thanx anyway
keep going

2017-07-14 02:51

+4 _Nagawac I made a find the button map and now its more like find the map

2017-07-09 12:00

+1 Zombajai OMG SO GOOD you guys did such a good job i barely found the buttons! and btw i'm a YouTuber my channel is

anyways i might make a video soon about it so make sure to watch it PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to please please please please lol sorry anyways i might make the video within 1 month i'm busy rn so yea i rlly liked the map and i put 5 stars so have a good day! Peace Out

2017-07-09 02:50

+1 NiTringo Nice Map!
Little Walkthrough:

2017-07-06 07:04

+1 ThaDaddie&ThaTweetie We turned this map into a musical in our videos. Haha. It's pretty ridiculous, but we enjoyed the map a lot. It wasn't sooooo difficult that it was impossible to find anything. And the builds were cool. Check it out:

2017-07-05 18:21

+1 NiTringo Nice Map, Not to hard, could be a little bit harder, but good map and quality in each level :)

2017-07-05 09:37

+1 TUD DOUDGEORGES i played your map and level 7 does not work. for level 7 i did the math and got the correct answer but nothing ever happened and i did put the numbers in the right dispensers in the middle. i had to go into creative mode to place the button and get to the next level. which the button worked when i placed it.

2017-07-02 15:48


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