News: Minecraft 1.15 "Buzzy Bees" update has been released by Mojang!

Minecraft Escape Maps

Escape from various places in these puzzle maps.

Escape the room. Simple right?

Can you escape the place where he took you to? Or will you stay there to rot like the others?

RedstoneWay is a puzzle map in which you have to connect the wool with redstone to escape from each room. No additional information will be given, the player will have to find out what function each wool has.

Roomscape: the map where you solve puzzles to escape rooms. This map and its puzzles are underground-themed!

RedstoneWay is a puzzle map in which you have to connect the wool with redstone to escape from each room.

In this map you will have to beat 10 levels. This map contains parkour, puzzles, a trivia level and a redstone level. There is also a bonus room you can unlock once you've found all 10 trophies!

Can you escape from jail?

Welcome back to Breakout. In this map you must once again escape the prison but you cannot do it alone. This is 2 player RAGE creating prison Breakout!

You are a man who is locked up in a Correctional Facility. Now you must try to escape the the Facility.

Escape from the wardrobe!

You are stuck in a cave now you must find a way to get out. But you will come across creepy and strange places. Now you must solve puzzles, find items, and unlock doors to escape this dark place.

Can you escape the aliens? Are you intelligent enough to solve these 4 puzzles? You will never know until you try this single player puzzle map.

You're trapped in a room and need to escape.

Solve the puzzles. Beat the map. Don't go insane.

Escape even more rooms in Roomscape 9. Each room has a puzzle you need to solve to progress to the next room. Escape all 20 rooms to win.

Prismatic is a short single player adventure that will have you seeing rooms through a different light as you colour your way through the complex. Transform different chambers using coloured glass to manipulate your surroundings and escape.

Unlikely Escape is a puzzle map where you must figure out how to escape. The room you are in changes when you try to escape! Enjoy!

You have to get out of the 9 rooms, using blocks that can be moved.

In this revamped classic of mine, your objective as a prisoner of war is to activate the three triggers and escape the now deserted prison (suitable for all ages).

Trapped in an enclosed village, you must evade, explore, and escape from your imprisonment! Can you escape this prison?