News: Minecraft 1.16 "Nether Update" has been released by Mojang!

Minecraft Escape Maps

Escape from various places in these puzzle maps.

This is where it all began. The first of Crainer's Escape maps. Converted from modded minecraft to vanilla 1.12.2 it is now finally available! Escape from the Science Lab!

What? You're inside a large box. GET OUT! This map has 7 endings and the goal is to get out of the box you are in. Can you escape it?

This map is my very first map! You are stuck in a lab and MUST escape at any means. You go through many challenges and other tasks. Tasks such as mazes, mining, trading and more!

Stuck in the mines you stumble upon a strange portal. It couldn't hurt to enter, could it? Escape from the enchanted mines dimension in this escape map!

Discover a new world right under your feet! This map was made for two players only!

Welcome to prison! Have a good time. Oh, no... you have been sent to prison! Staged in a Dark Ages-themed dungeon, you must climb and jump your way through the rainy darkness and reach the top-where you will make your final, cunning escapade.

A quick puzzle game to make you think.

You are taken as prisoner. You can't just stay there, can you? Do you have what it takes to escape safely?

ONLY WORKS WITH 2 PLAYERS. In this escape map, you'll go to Olympus in the sky! The only issue is that you want to return at some point and there does not seem to be a way back... Can you escape?

It's time to play another Escape map! You're ready and waiting in the lobby. You press the start button, and then it happens; Something goes wrong.

You're still not done. You are back inside the second tower to try and find a way to escape but what happened to the first one? Think Harder to find out.

Another Escape Room map bringing more and bigger puzzles that will cause you to scratch your head in confusion. Can you escape the room?

This is one of Crainer's Escape maps! (Requires 2 Players).

Oh hello! Its looks like you're trapped in a box. Oh well... I'm sure you'll find a way out. Or not... Who knows these days.

After a long cryogenic stasis, you awake to find the ship's crew gone! You must find your way to the escape pods or you'll be stuck on the abandoned ship forever!

Can you escape the unfairest prison ever?!?!?

The scientist Evind just finished designing a strong weapon: The Devastator! It is now your task to prove yourself worthy of seizing this dangerous piece of equipment.

Small box full of redstone puzzles and your mission is to escape it. Sounds good? Then what are you waiting for? Just download this map and play it!

Are you ready for more rage? Are you ready for escape cube again? Can you do it again???

In this map you discover a stronghold and find your way to the End, but what will you find there? This is one of Crainer's Escape maps!