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Created by TheHappywheels1

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IF you're stuck, you can use this walkthrough
(This map is only for singleplayer) 

Welcome to my sixth Unfair map! 
This is a mixture between an Unfair Map and a Puzzle/Escape Map!

So, once again, I am back! With, you guessed it, another troll map! 
This map is themed around the death of Unfair Maps.
(It's a refreshing map that I think you'll enjoy! More puzzles than trolls) 

So, what are you waiting for!! You've seen the trailer?? Surely that's enough... right? 

Who am I kidding!! 
Go on, see if you can reach the end and escape! Have fun!! 
(Minecraft version 1.13.2+) - Play with 8+ Render Distance!


Map Details

Creator: TheHappywheels1
(60 votes)
Version: 1.3
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 7.3 MB
Added: 2019-04-02
Downloads: 11,462
Category: Escape Maps

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+5 Nicole It’s it’s just sooooo unfair OMG!!!

2019-09-28 15:58

+1 Cakes4Ev I actually just changed the version to 1.13.2 and threw in the paper and it worked fine! Thank you for making this great map, Loved it to bits!

2019-07-03 14:58

+5 Cakes4Ev I love the map its just the kind of map i like to figure out though i have one problem with the hopper.. im putting my beginning ticket in the hopper under the cobble fence and its just not appearing in the chest later? i may be putting it in the wrong hopper but twice that hasnt worked, id love to finish this map but im just confused. I even watch it disappear in the hopper :/ im going to continue trying but still unsure.. Im playing in 1.14.3 or whatever the latest release is.

2019-07-03 14:12

+1 adw i cant even get past the first part

2019-06-27 18:57

+1 Neil I had to quit the whole map because of the parkour.

2019-06-05 17:22

0 bilbo Quoting Billy:
This is just unfair to play

It is called UNFAIR escape

2019-05-25 16:08

-9 sv gamer the parcour is too hard i cant get past it

2019-04-10 17:26

+5 Wayne The best map I've played in a while. Absolute loved it.

2019-04-07 08:20

+3 Thunder Gabe Nice map, it has a good balance between unfair and just regular escapes. I played it on my channel if anyone is interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO9MybWAFbw&feature=youtu.be

2019-04-05 03:05

-3 Billy This is just unfair to play

2019-04-03 19:46


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