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Created by NeoMc

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This command requires Minecraft 1.9-pre3

Command Info

This command tracks a bunch of nifty stats you may want to know about your world! These stats include:

  • Time Played: How long you or any online player has spent in the world.
  • Blocks Walked: How many blocks you or any online player has walked.
  • Death Count: How many deaths you are any player have had.
  • Jump Count: How many times any player has jumped.
  • Entities Killed: How many total entities killed by any player.
  • Damage Dealt: How much total damage has been dealt by any player to another entity.
  • Damage Taken: How much total damage has been dealt to any online player by an entity.
  • Items Dropped: How many items any online player has dropped!

To craft a Stats Board, simply drop a compass onto a crafting table. Place the resulting egg on solid ground only! To remove the board, break the diamond block on the back of the board. The board will be destroyed, but the command will keep tracking stats unless it is Disabled or Destroyed by a player. The board always spawns to show correctly for a player facing North.

Cite Credits

If filming for YouTube or another video site, you MUST put this in your video credits (copy and paste)!

Command by NeoMc
YouTube: http://bit.ly/1IDplcz
Download the Command: http://neomccreations.com/onecmd/statistics or https://www.minecraftmaps.com/custom-commands/statistics


Command by NeoMc!

More commands can be found on my website!

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Map Details

Creator: NeoMc
(136 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.9
Size: 23 KB
Added: 2016-02-26
Downloads: 4,365
Category: Custom Commands

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-1 UniqueImpact I feel like this is nowhere near as convenient as the stats screen. the stats screen shows many more statistics, can be accessed from anywhere and doesn't need any command blocks to use. that being said, this is a neat concept and certainly has some applications.

2016-06-12 11:58

-1 BananaFalls The command does not work in 1.9.2, the activate button does not do anything.

2016-05-11 21:04

-1 TheTNTBlower77 Quoting kierankaos:
you know theres a stat board in the menu, right?

but this is easier, you dont have to go to the menu, its on the game

2016-05-09 00:06

+1 kierankaos you know theres a stat board in the menu, right?

2016-02-27 01:08


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