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Created by The SpellBook

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Hello everyone, I'm The SpellBook!

And today I created OXBOARDS in only one command!

Version: 1.9-pre2
Characters: 25694
Command Video

With just a small resource pack and one command, I am bringing you my latest creation: OXBOARDS!

This amazing new gadget is a must-try. Ride around like you just got rich, or show it off to your friends.

The controls are easy to master and you'll learn how to use it within minutes.

But also watch out.. have you ever heard about exploding OxBoards? :P

For this creation, you'll need a small resource pack. The resource pack is in the download link.

Just open up the zip file you downloaded, and drag the "OxBoards [1.9]" folder to your resource pack folder. And voila, the resource pack is installed!

Then we also have to install the command, which is also really easy.

Just go back to your zip file and search for the "command [1.9-pre2].url" file.

That's a link to the command. Double click it, and your browser will open.

A looong text appears, and you gotta copy the whole text by

selecting it and doing Ctrl+C to copy. Then, open up your Minecraft world.

Give yourself a command block with /give @p command_block.

Place it down, open its GUI, and paste in the command by

doing Ctrl+V, Strg+V or COMM+V, depending on your keyboard.

Then activate it using a redstone block. Congrats, the creation is installed!

* Make sure you are using the correct Minecraft version, right now that is 1.9-pre2 (the 1.9 pre-release)

When you install the command, the machine containing a lot of command blocks will appear.

Those command blocks let the whole creation work, so do not change/destroy them.

You'll also see some special signs. These special signs are right-clickable.

When you click the Items sign, you will get all the items you need and also some instructions.

When you click the Destroy sign, you will delete the creation. Of course we don't wanna do this yet.

Then there's also a very special other sign, which is the "Toggle" sign.

Using this sign, you can turn off/on the machine. By default, the machine is already on.

When you right-click that sign, you will turn ON the machine.

When you break that sign, you will turn the machine OFF.

The machine indicates that it's turned offon, by changing its colors.

You can craft your own OxBoard by dropping 1x nether star, 16 iron and 8 redstone on the ground.

They will combine and create your OxBoard.

To hop onto your OxBoard, just look down and drop the OxBoard. You'll

see your OxBoard right underneath you and you'll start moving forwards.

To get of, just press Shift. You will receive your OxBoard again, so you can

take it with you.

The controls are super duper easy, just look forwards.

You will automagically move in the direction you look.

The higher you look, the faster you will move.

If you don't wanna move at all, but still stand on the OxBoard, just look down.

If you do that, you won't move at all.

If you wanna get a boost upwards, just look up. Particles appear and you'll get boosted. You can do this every 5 seconds.

Ever seen an exploding OxBoard? Well, you'll see one when you drop one on the ground for longer than one minute...

Just click the "Destroy" sign on the machine, and delete the resource pack.

That's all for this! Thank you for reading and have fun with it ^^

Command and resource pack by: The SpellBook
YOUTUBE: http://bit.ly/TheSpellBookYT
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TheSpellBookMC

Please credit me if you are using/reviewing this creation! Thanks :3



2016-02-21 - Map Released.

Map Details

Map Creator: The SpellBook
(210 votes)
Map Version: v1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.9 (Java)
File Size: 110.58 KB
Date Added: 2016-02-21
Downloads: 11,608
Map Category: Custom Commands

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