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Electronic Drumkits

Created by The SpellBook

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Command Info

Hello everyone, I'm The SpellBook!

And today I created ELECTRONIC DRUMKITS in only one command!

Command Video

  • Version: 1.10
  • Characters: 26792

What is This Command?

This command adds WORKING DRUMKITS to your world!

Without any resource pack or mods, this is easy to install and fun to use.

The drumkit has a bassdrum, a snare, a hi-hat and crash, a high tom and a low tom.

To use it, simply right-click the chair and start playing!

How Can I Install This?

First, click the giant 'DOWNLOAD MAP' button on the right side of your screen.

You'll be taken to the command. Copy this command with Ctrl+C (Windows keyboards), CMD+C (Apple keyboards) or Strg+C (German keyboards).

Now go to one of your Minecraft worlds, and give yourself a command block with this command:

/give @p command_block

Then, place the command block down, and right-click it.

Now paste in the command with Ctrl+V (Windows keyboards), CMD+V (Apple keyboards) or Strg+V (German keyboards).

Then you only have to activate it with a redstone block and you'll install the command!

[!] Make sure you are using Minecraft 1.10!


You'll get the crafting recipe for the drumkit and how to destroy it when you right-click the START sign. Here is the crafting recipe:

  • 10 sticks
  • 4 cyan stained hardened clay
  • 1 light weighted pressure plate (gold)
  • 8 light gray carpets
  • 1 tripwire hook

Just drop these on the ground and you'll get the spawn egg.


Just click the "DESTROY" sign on the machine.

If you do this, the drumkit will stay into your world.

You can't remove it or use the spawn egg though.

That's all for this command! Have fun! :D


Command written by The SpellBook.

Please credit me if you are using/reviewing this creation!

You can easily copy and paste this text into your description as well :)

Electronic Drumkits - Command by The SpellBook
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Map Details

Creator: The SpellBook
(88 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.10
Size: 23 KB
Added: 2016-07-05
Downloads: 4,520
Category: Custom Commands


-1 Puppy_lover This works perfect on my computer it messed up before then I did the command again and it worked good 10 out of 10

2018-02-22 18:23

0 big papa yeah I cant craft the spawn egg for the kit
plz help :(

2017-11-21 01:38

+2 random You broke my world it is now gone it spammed my chat bar

2017-01-08 22:18

0 JojoGlick Everything is clean and optimized, I like it. *thumbs up

2016-09-12 01:49

+1 Somebody random it wont craft 4 me

2016-07-18 04:43


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