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Dinner with Grandma

Created by Synn City, CooleyBrekka

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In this difficult adventure and complete the monument map, see the world through the eyes of a house cleaning robot and complete house chores!

Lots of custom loot, mobs, and fancy commands. Good luck!

Made in three days with passion and functions with the help of JamesRyan.

Please play in 1.13.2. Do not cheat, stay in Adventure Mode, do not open the nether, and don't blame us if you fall into an abyss below the sink ;)

Map Details

Creator: Synn City, CooleyBrekka
(97 votes)
Version: 3.0
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 4.2 MB
Added: 2019-07-08
Downloads: 5,749
Category: CTM Maps


+3 Innwoo i can't see the ending

2019-07-11 12:48

+10 Hyourinmaru_ice It's a fun map! I liked the size change up and the concept. It was well made in terms of the spaces you got to explore and the jobs you had to do were varied.

Something I would note is that for a casual minecrafter, there's so many monsters and so many spawners. It got really tedious to deal with and I just had to stop because I wanted to play a fun map and I was just getting frustrated. The amount of items you could find were alright but not comparable to the amount of monsters I had to fight. For instance, when fighting the ants all my armor broke until I had nothing but a chain chest-plate and my stone sharpness II sword quit on me.

For this type of map, I would remove durability on weapons and armor. It just doesn't make sense since you can't gurantee someone will defeat all the monsters you put out in the durability of the items you've given them.

For a game jam map, I would say 8/10.

2019-07-10 22:30

+2 Six12 My armor and weapons broke during the ant part |:
Also the ants spawn to quickly to destroy most of the spawners.

2019-07-09 20:36

+4 MitchFails Cool map. Next time, the VM should have some indication of what tasks have been completed. Also, I did not encounter an end screen after completing the VM. Is there supposed to be one?

Overall, fun concept. A good addition to the evolving CTM genre.

2019-07-09 01:07


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