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ChaosKraft 2: Lands Of Legend

Created by BenplayerX

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ChaosKraft 2: Lands Of Legend is the sequel to ChaosKraft 1: Living Nightmares (though having played that map is neither necessary nor recommended).

CK2 features a big Open World with unique dungeons and landscapes, filled with custom mobs and loot, for you to explore, be it alone or in multiplayer.

The map's difficulty starts easy though as you get closer to the end it does get pretty challenging.

This is a long map, don't expect to beat it in one sitting. Good luck on your adventure and have fun playing!

Additional information will be found inside the map.


  • #1 Never play on peaceful!
  • #2 Don’t go to the nether
  • #3 Don’t craft or move enderchests
  • #4 Don’t craft shields
  • #5 Don’t craft enchanting tables or anvils
  • #6 Don’t play with mods that affect gameplay.
  • #7 Don’t abuse the ocean to skip big areas
  • -This map is surrounded by an ocean. You can swim in it, but don’t use it to skip huge sections!
  • #8 Don’t do strip mining to obtain materials -When I created this world in WorldPainter I generated it in a way makes resources generate underground. That was a mistake which I cannot fix now. So please don’t strip mine as you might find materials that completely break the map’s balance.
  • #9 Don’t cure zombie villagers
  • #10 If you’re doing a gameplay leave the download link
  • #11 Don’t use creative mode or commands to give yourself an unfair advantage.
  • #12 Don’t leave the map boundaries
  • #13 Only use wool found in shulker boxes or traded with villagers for the monument
  • #14 Survive in any way you can think of.
  • -As long as you don’t break the rules you’re free to do whatever you want to beat the map.
  • #15 Try to have fun! -You’re playing this map to entertain yourself, so play in the way that’s the most fun to you! (If no one’s watching you could even break the rules...)


Map Details

Creator: BenplayerX
(65 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.15.2
Size: 157.8 MB
Added: 2021-01-19
Downloads: 4,910
Category: CTM Maps

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0 KradAbyss Hello! Im really enjoying your map but... I broke my bed and i respawned in the title spawn zone, but, i cant respawn in the world! I press the start button but it doesnt work... Help, please! Some coordinates to travel in spectator mode?

2021-11-03 23:16

0 pineapplecakes_bruh I found the bug.You should forceload your command block area or the shrine of heart would be invalid.
And I really enjoy your map,the custom items、mobs and open world gave me so many joyful time.
By the way,cause some of the landscape are too free to limit player to got the wool easily.I wounder that would be a little boring.
Maybe you can set the bosses before the wool place or make player to find some special items to trade wool.(I don't done this map yet,if there are some conception that you already use,than just ignore this suggest.)

2021-06-10 12:26


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