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Water Temple

Created by jessy999

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This creation is a temple that hides many secrets.

In the lower floor of the temple there is a huge room which served as a gathering point for all inhabitants of the ocean.

Up to the present day, nobody knows what's up there. It is assumed that there is an antiperspirant there.

This building was built on a rock sand island and on the island there is only the tower.

Story of the Temple

The Toporians had many peoples (all peoples with the Official Topo Map).

Every people was known and they knew almost everything about them. The mainpeople "The Toporians" knew everything about every people ..... well, almost everything, there were 5 people who were very mysterious so much that the Toporians knew almost nothing about them.

They only knew the following:

These peoples called themselves pentagram pieces.

Not only did they have a temple that was open so that anyone (including other peoples) could enter it, but also a second temple called the "pentacle piece of temples." There were 3 floors in this temple.

The first floor (the entrance) was huge, so the whole people fit in. This floor had been built for ceremonies.

On the second floor, only the priests could arrive, or the king / queen.

On this floor were kept important papers and stone tablets telling their story.

There was not much information on the third floor, but it is thought that there was a pentagram piece there. Since it was carved in the Toporian stone tablets.

The peoples that should have these pentagram signs are ignis, aqua, terra, spiritus auras


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Creator: jessy999
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Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.11.2
Size: 14.9 MB
Added: 2018-09-15
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