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Land of Inheritance

Created by Naud

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Map Info
The map before you is of the wonderful wolrd of Alagaesia, in a world that is roughly 3,000 x 4,000. It is not the biggest map of all the other copies floating around the internet, but this I took great care and detail to be as accurate as possible. I didn't want the world to be too big, otherwise you would walk (fly) forever and never get anywhere.

No, enjoy yourself as you explore the realm of where Eragon and his Dragon, Sapphira, have been. Traverse the dense, seemingly impossible jungle of the Du Weldenvarden, or visit the behemoths that populate the Boer Mountains, and see if you can find the well hidden Varden, in Farthen Dur. Might even be tempting, to explore the vast Hadarac Desert and see if you come out alive!

Everything in the books have been implemented into this map, with as much accuracy as possible. Some of my imagination went in here as well.. but use it as you see fit! Enjoy!

The map was made to fit quite accurately with the map drawn by Christopher himself. I say this is version 1.0, because the land has been shaped, and only 4 towns have been built thus far. In future releases, the land will contain more cities.

I plan on building every single city listed on the original map of Alagaesia. If you are impatient than you can go and build them yourself!

Enjoy the map, and leave any comments for any changes. This work is done solely by me and no one else, so please be patient! Thank you!

A few things to start this off with. First of all I would like to show some acknowledgements, because I honestly could not have done anything on this map if it wasn't for two extremely amazing mods and programs.

I would like to thank the creators of the World Edit Mod and the amazing world generator program called World Painter. It was because of these two that this fairly new project has gotten to where it is.

Map Details

Creator: Naud
(22 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.8.1
Size: 114 MB
Added: 2014-12-13
Downloads: 14,179
Category: Creation Maps


+1 Nightelf23 This is one of my favorite series!!! I am so happy that you created this!!!! I know that I am late to the party, but it is still amazing!!

2019-05-21 23:09

+4 tylerthedwarf Great job man! Excellent map! The Inheritance Cycle was by far my favorite book! I made a playthrough of it on my channel split into two parts. Go check it out if you could!

Playthrough Part 1 --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtrO-gFvuOo

Playthrough Part 2 --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDpb-Hq_xPc

2015-05-03 16:27

+3 DarkRift04 I love the Inheritance cycle. Thanks for making the map!

2015-05-02 08:10

+1 King_Vaughn What are the chords for any of the cities?

2015-03-21 22:17

+2 Halowarlord3 Dude i love this series and ill love to try it out this weekend. Expect another post from me in the near future telling u how awesome it is. a suggestion for update is putting in everything just right so you can play as Eragon. Just fill out as much as you can

2015-02-19 03:03

+1 Linky Quoting nergalnerd:
I did some searching on the map and just so everyone knows you start off in the very south west part of the map and the towns that are currently built are aberon urubaen ellesmera and farthen dur. Farthen dur is the best the rest of them are just like 4 houses.

I followed the beartooth river both ways... The mapmaker has not even built the waterfall or the secret entrance (yet)... Where is Farthen Dur? i couldn't find it :

2015-02-07 01:01

+4 catman OMG i loved the series and wow this is a great map =)

2015-01-26 05:01

+5 Taylor *fangirling* oh my god amazing. favorite series.

2015-01-24 02:40

+4 Goldcyfer Big fan of the books, MAP IS EPIC. maybe at some point ad spawners for villagers in villages, and urges etc.

2015-01-18 22:53

+4 noobking163-Hypixel DUDE! SICK! One of the best series I have ever read, the Inheritance Cycle is simply amazing. Can't beleive Christopher Paolini wrote it at age 17. Mind=Blown.
Alright, to the point: I think someone should make an adventure map out of this. Just stick with the story, that should be easy enough. Example: Lapis Lazui block for dragon egg, Experience levels to cast spells, the Urgals zombies with iron armor etc.
If you are the person who made this map, thank you a LOT. Pleased to see this map coming out and I hope you update this as soon as possible!
Thanks again~
noobking163- Hypixel Walls MVP

2015-01-10 13:58

+1 Terts I read the books and was wrought by the tale of eragon and saphira the death of brom struck me to the core could you make a broms tombstone easter egg seriously though this map is the first one i have ever downloaded but it is already number one over the rest i downloaded i really look forward to carvahall!

2015-01-10 00:31

+3 UknowWho To those who are wondering where you spawn at, It's to the east of the Spine between Belatona and Feinster. (the cities are not built, but that's the region). You should be able to find the large hill shown on Paolini's map in that region quite quickly. North in the game is the same as on Paolini's map. Hope this Helps!

2015-01-09 18:05

+3 Anon. Can someone come up with a list of landmarks and coords? i only found the hadarac and a weird bland village in somewhere that is probably the beors

2015-01-04 02:20

0 DiamithorDragon Was i supposed to spawn on an island in the middle of the ocean?

2015-01-03 00:35

+5 nergalnerd I did some searching on the map and just so everyone knows you start off in the very south west part of the map and the towns that are currently built are aberon urubaen ellesmera and farthen dur. Farthen dur is the best the rest of them are just like 4 houses.

2014-12-31 17:09

+3 Hero2004 This game is super super fun,I love this map!

2014-12-30 14:34

+1 gamerjericho this is a great map!!!

2014-12-29 20:24

+2 Jellomold4 Go to the cords: 1851, 80, -1214. There is an... interesting... desert village in the middle of the jungle.

2014-12-28 23:18

+3 ziziplaysmc i have read the books and i can help if you want i love detail and i loved your map

2014-12-24 10:51

+3 DanceofDragos can i just ask what area of Alagaesia we spawnin as I am slightly confused but I love the map?

2014-12-21 15:11

+6 Tra_kad Well, I haven't actually downloaded this yet, because 114 MB is a really large amount for this computer. However, I think I've been looking forever and a half for a 'good' replication of the Inheritance's cycle universe, and I do hope this doesn't disappoint people's expectations. :3
(Seriously, there are way too many Farthen'dur's that are just ripoffs of other dwarven builds attributed to a different creator...)

2014-12-20 13:51

+2 Lilylicious How bad will the map be messed up if you play in it on 1.7.10?

Also, I think the way you used world edit and world paint is really nice looking, but the builds could use a little work (no offense).

2014-12-20 02:30

+2 Lukezoids Love the inheritance cycle

2014-12-20 02:24

+1 DaModerator DUDE! I love these books! This map is perfect!

2014-12-20 01:29

+6 Anonymous This map is awesome! It's one of my new favourite maps. So sad that that guy (anonimus) is pointing out that one negative instead of the hundreds of incredible feats and sights. So, to everyone, you should definitely download this map.

2014-12-19 17:46

+2 Thelonedrifter15 Hi, just wanted to say that I love the map so far. One thing you did forget though was Isidar Mithim in Tronjem. Other than that, it looks great. Looking forward to the updates.

2014-12-17 19:02

+4 zombie2450 You spelled anonymous wrong as well.
So sad, before this, there was only one comment on such an amazing map, which was: "you spelled Saphira wrong..there's only one p."
seriously so sad.

PS: dear Naud, this is an amazing map, and i actually plan on reading the eragon series soon!!

2014-12-15 03:35

-9 anonimous you spelled Saphira wrong..there's only one p.

2014-12-14 20:50


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